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excellent day in cappadocia
Oriella eezv - 5.0/526 September 2019

I got very nice tour in cappadocia. We flyed from istanbul to cappadocia.We started to tour at 08:30 am. Full day we saw many historical palceses. they are mazing. I loved to much.And ot the tour we flyed again from kayseri airport to istanbul airport. I been my hotel around 22 pm
thanks for a nice day

Daily Cappadocia Tour By Plane
Experienced tour guide
Yasser souwelam - 5.0/506 September 2019

The tour guide was very experienced,kindly and friendly, the tour was very good organized and every thing went perfectly

Sapanca and Masukiye Tours
istanbul dinner cruise
andrea gardenhouse - 5.0/529 August 2019

we went to dinner cruise by company. we enjoyed to much. bellydancer, folk grpups, dj music was fantastic. while we are sailing we had our dinner by the bosphorus view. very good organizations. thanks for good advice

Istanbul Dinner Cruise and Turkish Night Show
26/08/2019 sapanca tour with azure tour
Tosnim kiddaveh - 5.0/526 August 2019

I went to sapanca with my 7years old daughter. In the morning, I was not sure i will enjoyed that much or not. Alhamdulillah everything was fine. Our guide,Dilek, and the driver,Furkan, were so nice. They helped all of us, all the day. Thank you so much Azure travel. You wont regret for booking all their trip. Feel comfortable.

Sapanca and Masukiye Tours
Refresh yourself with Azure
Abutalib - 5.0/516 August 2019

We went to bursa 2 days ago with azure company. First of all the guide was so informative and kind . He explained and gave all the detail about tour and turkey. We had picked up on time drive to kocaeli to use the ferry and arrived to bursa with happiness . The first place was a turkish delight factory where we had loved so much . Then there was a historical tree which is 610 years old . After having good lunch we went to uludag mountain where we carry on cable car that amazing view of mount olimpos . Terminal place was green complex which contains mosque, tomb, turkish bath, ottoman house . We had really so much fun thank you mr jman thank you azure

Bursa Tour
Big Thanks to Mr.Soliman ????
Mohamed Farouk - 5.0/510 August 2019

Thanks alot for the organized, informative. very interesting with love memories of Bursa trip on 28th June 2019.

Bursa Tour
Big big hug for you hogan and for azure
Christina cartin - 5.0/504 August 2019

Woooooow wonderful day wonderful tour wonderful montain and wonderful quide.
Green bursa tour was suoer excellent montain cold and was fogy a lot even all was enjoying specialy telesiyaj it was as a dream food was good avtivites same and quide hogan gived to much time on the montain thank you for al ur the best.
And thank you azure.

Bursa Tour
ephesus tour daily
andrey etterbeck - 5.0/504 August 2019

I enjoyed very much. Our guide is very helpful and very kind.All day He explained all history of ephesus. I highly recommend to everyboy. Before You died you should see ephesus

Daily Ephesus Tour by Plane
Thank you for the excellent tour azure
Samir garaduk - 5.0/503 August 2019

Dear azure travel realy thanks a lot for the best services .
This is my first tour in turkey and i love ur hospitality thank you for that specialy for the quide hogan his realy so cool and profesional good person and i was falowing him his doing his best to the all specialy in the restaurant he was serving us thank you for that.
Bursa was hot but when we were up the montain it was cool a lot and telesiyaj enjoyable the tree first time i am seeing that big tree ottoman side was good too thank you for all azure travel.

Bursa Tour
Jive pakistan thank you hogan
Cavet al cavhar - 5.0/502 August 2019

Hi dear guests.
I am from pakistan we went to the green bursa tour in the morning some one get us from the barcello otel in taxim but the quide was deferent wasnt the man was geting us we were aa but when our quide start to talk were feeling ok he was makeing otel list and asking to every one his name and during the day caling every one with his name his realy was good smart and smile face .
He was conforting us a lot and bursa was good montain telesiyaj food was yumy so testy means excellent tour i said iur quide was smart coz he was play song all kind even pakistany for sure makes us more happy again thank you for the best hospitality azure travel thank you ahmad.

Bursa Tour
Vallahi thank you hogan and azure
Ahmet mohammed aljahwi - 5.0/502 August 2019

The day the tour and the quide was excellent first time i am in turkey but 3th tour with same comoany this was realy deferent i thank you azure travek montain telesiyaj tree perfect but hogan ahmet wonderful quide becouse he was makeing good otmisfer in the bus and all was happy musik al kind and his recpekting a lot again thank you .
By the way me and my wife on our honey moon again green bursa tour was leting us feel we are on our honey moon we made to much video and to much pictures thank you .

Bursa Tour
Thank you for everything
Abdullah almarabi - 5.0/531 July 2019

I took my family to sapanca which was very nice. It is my first trip with this company. We enjoyed too much at safari, zipline, shopping also. Inshallah i will come back to turkey from tunisia. Thank you so much our guide Dilek and driver furkan.

Sapanca and Masukiye Tours
daily istanbul princess island tour
Labıne amer - 5.0/531 July 2019

lunch.boat trip shuttle service. everthing was excellent. good service very king guide. Thanks for everyone

Daily Princess Island Tour
istanbul dinner cruise on the bosphorus
talat almudari - 5.0/530 July 2019

3 hours non stop show and excellent view of bosphorus. I realy enjoyed. food service was excellent. Thanks azure for your advice

Istanbul Dinner Cruise and Turkish Night Show
excellent experience
Abdurrahman alomran - 5.0/530 July 2019

Hi everybody,
Today was unforgottable day for me and my wife. We were scared about not to go or not but we are very happy. From the begining till end, the day was excellent. Food, teleferic,guide**mrs.dilek, bursa,

Bursa Tour
istanbul to bursa daily tour
mr. abrar - 5.0/530 July 2019

very beautiful day. green bursa excellent. barbecu lunch was great. thnaks Mr ogun thanks our driver mr murat

Bursa Tour
We were lucky thank you azure travel
Abdulmacit al taha - 5.0/521 July 2019

Hi dear azure travel again thank you .
Lost year i went to the bursa with same company hogan was our quide today was same thats why we were lucky his realy kind ane while the informationing us joking a lot montain again same enjoyable telesiyaj good but age of the tree still same????????anyway was excellent trip jand joyfull
Thank you azure thank you hogan.

Bursa Tour
Thanx for the wonderfull day hogan
Saleem al kahtani - 5.0/519 July 2019

The tour green bursa tour was excellent even activites montan was rainy and could but even enjoying a lot .
The tree wonderfull i like green mousq a lot means the day was excellent thank you again.

Bursa Tour
Thank you for the excellent tour
Iqbal naveed - 5.0/519 July 2019

Realy was excellent tour today montain was super telesiyaj so good the tree ???? i am beliveable first time on my life saw that big tree we get tomuch pictures with the family thank you for the wonderfull day
And thank you hogan for your being so kind to us and specialy for the pakistany song.????????

Bursa Tour
Azure is best.
Mohammed ahsan khan - 5.0/506 July 2019

I went bursa with my family. We had really good times. We stopped at the shopping places which were nice, then we saw uludag which has nice view with telesiege. Thank you for making us happy azure and our guide Dilek.

Bursa Tour