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Bursa Tour is everyday guarantee departure regular tours which is covers Bursa City and Uludag Mountain.

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Daily bursa tour from istanbul
Camilla jones - 5.0/516 January 2021

Bursa is the nearest place to istanbul. Thats why l choose bursa tour from istanbul. And l enjoyed. Green tomb, green mosque and uludag mountain were wonderful places. I loved bursa city


Green Bursa trip

Uludağ mountain: the most advanced, most popular winter sports and most popular mountain of Turkey

Ferry trip : it takes 40 min to across İzmit gulf

Chair lift : climbing to mountain by bus and chair lift at the peak of the mountain (2543m.)

Old tree : more than 600 years old plane tree.

Break for taking picture /selfie

Green social complex (mosque , silk market , green mosaleum,) ottoman house

Lunch : restaurant is located at the skirt of the mountain (800m) with delicious mixed grilled

Shopping : Bursa is known with one of the largest manufacturing sector of Turkey so for that reason you may have opportunities to get things from manufacturing places

Turkish delight manufacturing

Honey manufacturing

Jam preserved manufacturing

Silk market (600 years old Antique Turkish bath )


If you like to Atv renting, ski equipments, private ski lessons, we will able to help you to arrange for you. (please let us know if you are interesting with, while requesting the Bursa Tour.)


Hotel pick up and Drop off.
All Transportation by non-smoking A/C minivan.
Professional Arabic - English Speaking guide.
Museum Fees.
Barbeque lunch with soft drink on the mountain.
Cable Car to mountain.
Service Charge & Local Taxes.

bursa tour
olga teterskıy - 5.0/512 January 2021

I joined bursa tour from istanbul by azure company. Our tour guide and driver is very good person. I liked bursa tour and uludag mountain. Thank you very much

bursa tour
marcus ghabıl - 5.0/503 January 2021

My hotel desk advise bursa tour. Thats why I went to byrsa tour with a groub by bus. On the way we used ferryboat and highway to bursa trip. Our tour guide told us: Bursa was the first ottoman empire city. And very old before ottoman Byzantium Emperia was bursa. Bursa we do 2 part of our tour. First We visited uludag mountain where is the hotels area and ski activities. Second part was old city of bursa. Green tomb, green mosque was in old city. While we sre burs tour We do also shopping. Price are cheap but quality staffs. When the time came around 20 pm we moved from bursa to istanbul. I will Say my reception how I get enjoyed bursa day tour with azure travel company

bursa day trip from istanbul
Jonathan claves - 5.0/501 January 2021

I liked bursa tour ın a day. Our bus went to bursa by small group around 20 guests. Bursa is very gren and clean city. There are lots of old houses in city center. Uludag is a natural beauty. There were mountaın hotels. But these time not open yet all of them because not enough snow for ski. We back to istanbul from bursa around 22 pm . ıt was a day trip but was a nice tour

Bursa tour from istanbul
Mansour hssan - 5.0/519 December 2020

You should go to bursa tour these days.I been bursa tour with azure tour. Bursa uludag mountain has snow and now there is awesome view uludag mountain. They did excellent tour. Bus driver and tour guide were so kind.

Bursa tour by bus
Nada - 4.0/518 December 2020

Our hotel recomended azure tour. They picked up from our hotel little late. We moved from istanbul for bursa tour by bus with a small group. Bursa tour was fanstastic. All staff were helpfull and friendly. Thanks for bursa tour company azure tour

green bursa uludag tour
gaby emmauel - 4.0/517 December 2020

what a wonderful tour. I liked Bursa tour. bursa is very clean and historical place. I enoyed too much. Bursa tour I did with group.In bursa we been uladag mountain. ulucami, kozahan, grand bazaar is very old places. Thanks for a lovely day

bursa tour
elisa magnet - 4.0/527 November 2020

I always want to see bursa. I went to bursa tour from istanbul by group. I liked it. Bursa is very green and historical city. Blue mosque, green tomb, uludag mountain are great places. I recomended everybody to see bursa

Burs tour everday
BILAL OTTOS - 4.0/511 November 2020

Bursa is very famous city with historical areas.I went to bursa tour with azure tour. All the way we say many green places. Bursa is very clean and green. I liked uludag mountain and old tree. I was so happy in bursa tour. I will do this bursa tour from istanbul again.

Bursa tour from istanbul
Camilla andreas - 5.0/527 October 2020

Bursa tour from istanbul we went by bus. Bursa is beautiful city. I saw many beauties in bursa tour. Thanks to my guide and driver for a good day

Bursa tour
Caroline lindsay - 5.0/524 October 2020

I went to bursa tour from istanbul today. We passed bosphrus bridge and highway. On the way l saw many beautifuls places. In bursa tour we visit uludag mountain, green tomb, green mosque, old tree and city sighting. Lunch was on the mountain. It was barbecu. I liked bursa tour

bursa tour with azure tour company
mahmood el sabah - 5.0/519 October 2020

Bursa is the best place to visit in a day. My friend has been bursa tour with azure tour compamy before he recommended. Azure tour did a great job. I would like to say thank you very much eveyone. For a nice day

Bursa tour
jonathan ashley - 5.0/525 September 2020

thank you very much for today's scholarship, it was a wonderful day.

bursa tour
MUSA ABBAS - 4.0/523 September 2020

Good service, good guide and good tour. I loved bursa tour. I was lucky my guide is real professionel. He explain every place. Lunch was under the trees. It was not big porcion but was enough. All day I spent good times. Thanks my good guide suleyman and driver murat

bursa tour from istanbul daily
MARCELO DRVTYAN - 4.0/518 September 2020

I went to bursa tour from istanbul by bus. They picked me up from my hotel. We moved from istanbul to bursa around 09:30 am. when we arrived to bursa. First we visited old tree. ıt was hudge big tree. Lunch. mountain uludag, green mosque everthing was magnificent. I loved bursa tour. My guide dilek and driver was very friendly and they did good job.

bursa tour from istanbul fullday
Barlanı whtland - 5.0/517 September 2020

I been many times bursa tour with this company. I liked bursa tour. If you have time you can do bursa tour from istanbul fullday. But try to go this company. Bursa is big city. If you go yourself you can do it in a one day. You will enjoy bursa.

bursa tour green mosque green tomb uludag tour
EDIP HUSSEIN - 5.0/509 September 2020

Bursa is the best place to do tour from istanbul. I been several times this bursa uludag tour. I can tell everyone. If you are in istanbul or turkey before you leave the turkey you should see bursa

bursa uludag tour daily istanbul
CAFER MOHAMMED - 4.0/507 September 2020

I gone to bursa tour with azure tour company. The driver picked me up from my hotel. After we stop a few more hotels for more people. Finaly at 09:20 we moved from istanbul to bursa. On the way lots of places we passed. In bursa barbecu lunch was under the treess. Lunch was delicius. uludag is a hudge mountain. Bursa mostly green and clean city. I spent good time in bursa tour

bursa tour with azure tour company
jabbar hassan - 5.0/503 April 2020

Bursa is beautiful. Our guıde is very friendly and helpful. Its a wonderful day

Shukriya hogan was excellent tour with you
Navin jain - 5.0/506 March 2020

Hi my name is navin from india.
I swear was excellent day our quide hogan so good kind and funy specialy when his talking my language and his talking realy good english as well .so the day our tour it was excellent realy the tree and restaurant so good but when we rich up the montain woooow super and super telesiyej more lovely means from the starting till to this time again excellent thank you.

Big excellent thank you
TASNEEM SHAIKJEE - 5.0/504 March 2020

Hi i am so happy this was my second tour
On thr first i wasnt happy even today i start same means when they pick me up i tought will be same but realy was deferent guide super hogan he was giveing perfect information for every where specialy on the montain to much time almost 2 hours telesiyej super and it was suny too mrans now we are comlate the.tour on the way back to the otel our day with my family it was wonderfull enjoyable and excellent
Specialy in the bus allkind of music to much video by the way our quide hogan ahmet dancing goooood????.
Thank you for the wonderfull day hogan thank you azure travel

Wonderfull day thank you azure
TRAJALEN SHARMA CHOOTTO - 5.0/504 March 2020

Hi dear guest i am from sout afrika.
Today i get qide mobile number i will give to every one i know in my country.
Becouse it was wonderful day realy from the starting till to this time tour still excellent realy thank you coz to much fun tomuch video every where even in the bus do you know guys if you have good quide on the tour nothing to worry he was giveing to much time for each location specialy on the montain and all was super even food we had on the restaurant telesiyej so thank you for that company again THANK YOU AZURE

Excellent green bursa tour
Sazjahi parahan - 5.0/509 January 2020

Excellent green bursa tour thank you hogan for ur being kind to all specialy to that 6 persons.
From the you start to talk evereythings was good delight was yumy we were eating a lot???? thank you then we went to the historikal tree i am neliveable never seen that much tree woow food was good but montain and telesiyej more then all the day was suny no wind we get to much picture but dont get that 6 person any more coz they were noisy a lot.
Thank you hogan your realy very kind person and patiend thank you for the excellent day thank you axure travel.

Merci merci merci
Jihat fachati - 5.0/508 January 2020

It was wonderful day i swear.
Dear guest bursa excellent city specialy montain i cant say anythings green bursa tour from the begening was excellent the tree very big tree never seen that kind tree on my life super super thank you guys.
Even our quide was super his name hogan very kind and gived to us good information for every where thank you azure travel.

Thank you Azure for great trip!
Ashish Bhola - 5.0/528 December 2019

Very well and professionally managed trip to Bursa.Ogun is very helpful and knowledgeable person.Bursa is a hidden gem of Turkey and must explore this with Azure!

Green bursa tour excellent
Asif ahmed khan - 5.0/524 December 2019

Dear friends i am a military person first time i been out side of my country i wish i did it before i dont know my kids my wife and me were so happy enjoyed our day so good all of the actions was excellent specialy montain super and was snowing .
Our quide was super to his name hogan very good person very kind gived us good information during the tour.

Thank you tour was wonderful
Daniel ivanov - 5.0/523 December 2019

Hello this is daniel ivanow from bulgaria
We went to the green bursa tour with my family it was excellent day coz was snowing
From the begening i was sure tour will be excellent coz our quide realy was awsome
For each location he was giveing good informatin the tree woow to big never seen in bulgaria that much big tree food was good thank you but up the montain wonderful was snowing good to climb by lift chair to the montain we love it so
The day was excellent with azure compony and hogan thank you for your smile face????

Thank you hogan.
Razak show kately - 4.0/522 December 2019

Yes my name is razak today evereythink was very good specialy higan super never seen a man this way patiend kind and cool thats why i said thanks hogan even we get mad on the restourant we were waiting a lot for tje food any way again was good with hogantime was tomuch side of the tree i wish he was giveing more then 2 hours on the montain becoise nothing side of the tree just shops and was dangerous coz was to much wind.
Any way thank you hogan and azure trawel

Thank you for the excellent tour
AMAN SHUKLE - 5.0/522 December 2019

Hi this is shaid from pakistan today we went to green bursa tour was realy excellent quide super thank you hogan
I wish wasnt windy the tree realy very big we get tomuch picture there after the lunch we were on the ice our quide hogan was giveing 2 hours free time enjoying a lot even it was many peoples there by the way telesiyaj super evereybidy must be there.
Thank you azure thank you hogan .

Thank you guys it was excellent tour
Rosil vati bikti - 5.0/521 December 2019

Hi azure travel this letter for you.
Thank you for the very good quide i thing his name was ahmat hogan evereythings was perfect from the morning we start from the delight and we were eating to much delight for free???? then we went to the tree of my god very big tree on my life never seen that much a big tree for sure tomuch picture wad there and we went to the organic honey house this one was good to and the food realy was so testy it was good mix plate .
Then we went to the tekesiyej means lift chair i swear was sooooo good and even was windy a lot all was naturel we get tomuch pic with my housband thank you.
Excellent and excellent best of the best.

Wonderful green bursa tour thank you
Andrea hrusman - 5.0/516 December 2019

Hi dear friends .
I am from sout africa this is my first tour and was excellent very enjoyable we were start good and finishing more good first our quide was so kind and was giveing more information for every where during the traveling the tree ow my god incredable very big lunch was yumy to much montain super and every body must be on the telesiyaj the liftchairs open one very and very enjoyable thank you for the wonderful day thank you hogan for your being so kind to all thank you azure.

Maramin salamat hogan
Omair ben omar - 5.0/515 December 2019

Hi dear guest today we went to green bursa tour we are from phillipines 3 friends it was imaizing wonderful and our quide was talking tagalo to.
During the way he was giveing good information we start from the delight shop all was smile face there to the tree we never ever seen that much big tree in our life even food was delicios when we rich up the montain ebery where was white means was a super and super day and tour again salamt kaybigan hogan for the wonderful day thank you azure coz ur quide very hospitalitier.

Becouse realy was excellent thank you
Khaled irhim - 5.0/513 December 2019

Green bursa tour was excellent.
Quide compony super food was same excellent specialy when we rich up the montain was wonderful first time i saw snow and was snowing telesiyaj super you should be there guys and our quide his name hogan ahmad was kind smile face a lot and he was giveing good time up the montain thanks thanks hogan hope to see you on other tours for sure i will take my next tour from the same azure travel.

Thank you hogan ur kind and patiend
Manal koshebse - 5.0/513 December 2019

It was excellent tour for sure and we were enjoing a lot specialy on the montain becouse was snowing specialy telesiyaj very enjoyable you should be on.
But i hope on our next tour i wont see the 7 peoples i thing they were a family i hate coz they were very noisy and dhirty in the bus even hogan was talking to them how many times realy hogan was kind and patiend any way A BIG THANKS for the excellent tour .
Thank you azure travel.

Thank you was so good hogan
Mohammat sabridino - 5.0/511 December 2019

This is my first tour and first time in turkey was wonderful tour uludag realy good and was snowing telesiyaj good and leting you to feel naturel thank you ahmad thank you azure travel.

bursa tour with azure tour
amir el aziz - 5.0/518 November 2019

we wake up early and had breakfast before the bus came. they picked us from our hotel. we spent araound 3 hours for bursa trip. bursa is real green and beautiful city. we saw many placesses. grenn mosque green tomb old tree and of couurse uludag . we had very big barbecu lunch. it was delicius. we turn to istanbul at 19 30 and arrived to our hotel 22 00. in a day we spent very beaitiful day. l want to say thanks mr cuneyt for a good service

Bursa with azure wonderful day
Mayra encarnacion - 5.0/508 November 2019

We had a such a good day in bursa that first capital of ottoman emlire as our guide mr jman told us. Chairlift was awesome . To sum up we enjoyed too much. Hugs to our guide and many thanks to azure to made our day

Green bursa tour
Enrique - 5.0/501 November 2019

Awesome day we had jman . It was our first experince fly over by chair lift we loved it. Thank to azure company .

Nice day with azure travel
Mariam mikhail - 5.0/508 October 2019

I am from Georgia. I and my friend went to bursa with azure travel. We enjoyed too much with everything. We visited some shops which were so interesting. Mountain, open cable car, green mosque everything was so good. Thank you for everything and for good organization, guide Miss Dilek and the driver Mr.Furkan and

Refresh yourself with Azure
Abutalib - 5.0/516 August 2019

We went to bursa 2 days ago with azure company. First of all the guide was so informative and kind . He explained and gave all the detail about tour and turkey. We had picked up on time drive to kocaeli to use the ferry and arrived to bursa with happiness . The first place was a turkish delight factory where we had loved so much . Then there was a historical tree which is 610 years old . After having good lunch we went to uludag mountain where we carry on cable car that amazing view of mount olimpos . Terminal place was green complex which contains mosque, tomb, turkish bath, ottoman house . We had really so much fun thank you mr jman thank you azure

Big Thanks to Mr.Soliman ????
Mohamed Farouk - 5.0/510 August 2019

Thanks alot for the organized, informative. very interesting with love memories of Bursa trip on 28th June 2019.

Big big hug for you hogan and for azure
Christina cartin - 5.0/504 August 2019

Woooooow wonderful day wonderful tour wonderful montain and wonderful quide.
Green bursa tour was suoer excellent montain cold and was fogy a lot even all was enjoying specialy telesiyaj it was as a dream food was good avtivites same and quide hogan gived to much time on the montain thank you for al ur the best.
And thank you azure.

Thank you for the excellent tour azure
Samir garaduk - 5.0/503 August 2019

Dear azure travel realy thanks a lot for the best services .
This is my first tour in turkey and i love ur hospitality thank you for that specialy for the quide hogan his realy so cool and profesional good person and i was falowing him his doing his best to the all specialy in the restaurant he was serving us thank you for that.
Bursa was hot but when we were up the montain it was cool a lot and telesiyaj enjoyable the tree first time i am seeing that big tree ottoman side was good too thank you for all azure travel.

Jive pakistan thank you hogan
Cavet al cavhar - 5.0/502 August 2019

Hi dear guests.
I am from pakistan we went to the green bursa tour in the morning some one get us from the barcello otel in taxim but the quide was deferent wasnt the man was geting us we were aa but when our quide start to talk were feeling ok he was makeing otel list and asking to every one his name and during the day caling every one with his name his realy was good smart and smile face .
He was conforting us a lot and bursa was good montain telesiyaj food was yumy so testy means excellent tour i said iur quide was smart coz he was play song all kind even pakistany for sure makes us more happy again thank you for the best hospitality azure travel thank you ahmad.

Vallahi thank you hogan and azure
Ahmet mohammed aljahwi - 5.0/502 August 2019

The day the tour and the quide was excellent first time i am in turkey but 3th tour with same comoany this was realy deferent i thank you azure travek montain telesiyaj tree perfect but hogan ahmet wonderful quide becouse he was makeing good otmisfer in the bus and all was happy musik al kind and his recpekting a lot again thank you .
By the way me and my wife on our honey moon again green bursa tour was leting us feel we are on our honey moon we made to much video and to much pictures thank you .

excellent experience
Abdurrahman alomran - 5.0/530 July 2019

Hi everybody,
Today was unforgottable day for me and my wife. We were scared about not to go or not but we are very happy. From the begining till end, the day was excellent. Food, teleferic,guide**mrs.dilek, bursa,

istanbul to bursa daily tour
mr. abrar - 5.0/530 July 2019

very beautiful day. green bursa excellent. barbecu lunch was great. thnaks Mr ogun thanks our driver mr murat

We were lucky thank you azure travel
Abdulmacit al taha - 5.0/521 July 2019

Hi dear azure travel again thank you .
Lost year i went to the bursa with same company hogan was our quide today was same thats why we were lucky his realy kind ane while the informationing us joking a lot montain again same enjoyable telesiyaj good but age of the tree still same????????anyway was excellent trip jand joyfull
Thank you azure thank you hogan.

Thanx for the wonderfull day hogan
Saleem al kahtani - 5.0/519 July 2019

The tour green bursa tour was excellent even activites montan was rainy and could but even enjoying a lot .
The tree wonderfull i like green mousq a lot means the day was excellent thank you again.

Thank you for the excellent tour
Iqbal naveed - 5.0/519 July 2019

Realy was excellent tour today montain was super telesiyaj so good the tree ???? i am beliveable first time on my life saw that big tree we get tomuch pictures with the family thank you for the wonderfull day
And thank you hogan for your being so kind to us and specialy for the pakistany song.????????

Azure is best.
Mohammed ahsan khan - 5.0/506 July 2019

I went bursa with my family. We had really good times. We stopped at the shopping places which were nice, then we saw uludag which has nice view with telesiege. Thank you for making us happy azure and our guide Dilek.

Bursa trip
Abeer Ballout - 5.0/517 June 2019

It was a great trip from Istanbul to Bursa, we enjoyed it with our guide Mehmet Al Kaya,we had fun and the places we stopped were amazing, big thanks to Azure and special one to Mehmet Al Kaya

Bursa trip on 4 Jun 2019
Sami Senan - 5.0/509 June 2019

Unforgettable trip for such lovely place . The program was successful in all levels. The Guide ( Mohamed ) was very informative & have a style in transferring the informations . Have plenty of Data & historical informations. Next visit he will be my guide. Sami from Palestine/ Dubai

Bursa trip
Raed alhindi - 5.0/508 June 2019

With my family, it was first trip to istanbul. We decided to go bursa with azure tour.we booked and we had too much fun. Our guide (Dilek)was very friendly and patient. Everything was wonderful. Safari,shopping, cable car history everything was excellent. Thank you our guide Dilek and azure team for making us happy.

Hogan thank you for your hospitalty
Safir alsaadi - 5.0/529 May 2019

Again thank you hogan.
Green bursa toir was excellent we were enjoying to much telesiyaj montain the tree was wonderful actualy our quide was excellent too thats why enjoying a lot hope fully we will see each other again .
Thank you azure for the best servives and the best quide????

Realy thanks a lot hogan
Syed abdul sattar - 5.0/525 May 2019

Dear Mr Halk hogan . We are very pleased n grateful for your guidance n tour visit to bursa n chairlift. Our family is much HAPPY with your kind hospitality. Syed abdulsattar n family Karachi Pakistan

Amazing Tour
Brienne Todd - 5.0/522 May 2019

This is Brienne From France, it was very good experince for me, barbeque was very delicious (lunch). There are too beautiful places in Bursa. Snowy Mountain and skii is perfect! Thx for all.

Wonderfull day thank you azure
Sameeh albunabi - 5.0/527 April 2019

Hi yes realy it was wonderfull day al of the activites it was very enjoyable specialy hogan our quide was super he has serious face maybe but big heart kind and patiend a lot to every one hope to see you again hogan thank you azure for the best services????????

It was very friendly and kindly thank you hogan
Michael arkondia - 5.0/509 April 2019

Amazing and amazing again thank you.
The trip was realy wonderfull i enjoyed a lot our quide was superrrrrrrr snowing a lot i never seen a quide pushing the guest to nake them happy activites perfeckt specialy telesiyaj time was snowing it was amazing thank you azure travel for the best services and for the best quide hogan .

Hogan was excellent and snow to
Faris jaroos - 5.0/509 April 2019

Hi this is faris from uk.
Thank you azure thank you hogan.
It was our lucky day coz hogan and the weather it was snowing evereythinks was natural even activites telesiyaj very enjoyable food services excellent guys i dont know what i will say to much pictures never will fourget that day tha k you azure for the good and excellent services.

Thank for being kind to all hogan
Atef al tayyoobi - 5.0/508 April 2019

I am from ksa the tour was excellent services was best activites same so nothink to talk more i will get all the tours frm you guys thank you azure thank you ahmet.

No comment ???? tour was excellent
Mohammed al sayyam - 5.0/508 April 2019

Tour was excellent coz quide was the best kind and very respectable thank you four that AZURE TRAVEL.and thank you hogan ahmet for the nest you did.
Montain telesiyaj activites excelent and food was delicios thank you again.

Atef altayyoobi - 5.0/508 April 2019

We were meet with hogan at sultan ahmet area i was looking for otel then he was helping me alot then on the tour were together again tour was excellent coz quide was well montain telesiyaj suuuuuper services every where was super we were enjoying to much again thanks a looot..

Inchallah next time we will be again together
Mahmoud algakdi - 5.0/506 April 2019

I am from bahrain and i will talk al of the bahraini peoples to find that company and hogan you guys excellent and doing yoir job so good realy if the quide and company ok nothink to worry bursa tour was very awsome enjoyable hope to see you again and i will go sapanca tour with AZURE TRAVEL on monday thank yoi hogan and azure travel.

It was our day and excellent.
Adnan shan ali - 5.0/502 April 2019

Hi and a big HI to every one yes it was our day with my wife actualy the day was importnt thats why was geting the bursa tour coz her birth day today and realy thank you hogan and thank you for the cake it was smoll ???????? but was good idea never fourget that geting good picture a lot acvtivites was excellent specialy sniw bikes and lift chairs thank you again hogan and thank you azure travel.

It was realy tour in bursa thank you hogan
Cevat khan - 5.0/501 April 2019

I am from pakistan this is cevat with you dear friends if you need to buy tour for bursa plz look for azure travel excellent excellent you will fell how much deferent betwen other companies and the quide our quide he was the best realy.his geting in all of us super and super tour montain snow bike telesiyaj and hohan thank you azure travel again and again for hogan to.

Hogan the best thank you azure
Zakaria albakar - 5.0/501 April 2019

Dear azure travel if i will come back again and hope fully i will again i will buy tour frm azure travel services excellent specialy oir quite hogan was wonderfull thats why thank you a lot i.
Im the bus to much fun music is same so well playing all makeing video montain was good means tour was enjoyable with azure travel and hogan.
I will show that video in malesia to everyone????????????????

Zainab - 5.0/512 March 2019

I went to alot of tours but my trips and tours with azure was the best ! Thank you azure for these unforgettable days , and big thanks to our gorgeous guide MR.süleyman for his good arrangement and a great information ..

I want to say bigbigbib thanks to azure
Mohammed salim khan - 5.0/504 March 2019

Lovely day excellent tour best quide we saw ever thank you hogan everybody should look for azure evereythinks was excellent specialy on the montain thanks for all.

Wanderful and wanderful
Salim hafrakhan - 5.0/502 March 2019

Firstly i want to say thanks to the company and to the hogan for the wanderful day and tour we rich bursa so earlier then regular time then when we were up the montain hogan was giveing to much time my wife and kids enjoying a lot specialy lift chairs was lovely thank you azure and hogan.

Becouse hogan and same comoany
Mohammed al sabri - 5.0/501 March 2019

Yes i was lucky coz yesterday i was on bursa tour with azure company and i was lucky coz today was again hogan our quide sapanca tour was good its not to much sportive as much as bursa but hogan ahmad was again same yesterday best thank you hogan and thank you azure travel.

Thank you next tour will be again frm azure
Abdullah hamad - 5.0/528 February 2019

Thank you for all dear azure thank you ahmad hogin what i will say words wont be enough for the wonderfull day and now we are in the boat as you said going to make titanik???? inchallah will see you again bro.

Mohammad saudi - 5.0/528 February 2019

Hi tour was good hogan was more good and kind thank you for that.
When ahmad hogan start to talk with us we were understan that tour will be the best and it it was realy was excellent snow bike talafarik soo good thats why ahmad hogan was right quide and for sure company too
Thank you azure travel you have a best one.

It was fantastik thank you
Habib alhashimi - 5.0/528 February 2019

Hi this is habib fron oakistan but liveing in england not going to stay a lot as i said bursa tour was fantastik thank you for that hogan montain was excellent and activites same again thank you for all and for being kind to al.
Thank you azure travel and ogun.

Thanks thanks again thanks
Shadad khan - 5.0/526 February 2019

Dear guests today i went to bursa tour with azure travel honestly it was so joyfull and enjoyable specialy our quide he was makeing excellent all thanks not enough
If you look for tour you should choos right company as azure travel thank you and thank you hogan .

Thank you hogan
Suugut alshamri - 5.0/525 February 2019

Actualy should i say thank you booking and thank you azure travel.
Just i was geting my tour from the booking then i understand azure travel but more i understand hogan ahmet this is not my first tour in istanbul but first time i saw a quide that much kind patiend and interesting in all guest and he has smile face generaly during the tour today i understan tour can be good or excellent with the quide thank you hogan thank you azure travel for all and for the all ofthe activites today????????????

Realy was excellent thank you hogan
Naif felhan - 5.0/525 February 2019

Yes my name is naif from sout afrika.
Hey guys mountain was excellent telesiyaj snow bikes all of the activites was wanderfull but hogan our quite was best coz he was pushing for all was kind more smile face???? thank you again and i hope next tour again we will be together with azure travel and hogan.

It was best of the best
Nadim almansoor - 5.0/522 February 2019

I swear on my life ill never fourget that tour bursa tour it was realy best of the best means evereythinks was excellent thank you azure but big thank you to the hogan
Montain and ice and all activites telesiyaj even was so joyfull thank you and thank you again.

It was awsome
Irfan asmaili - 5.0/521 February 2019

First i want to say thank you to the company for the awsome day and thank you ogun ahmad for all tour was good excellent with you day was so good suny telesiyaj snow bike tour was good too but telesiyaj was excellent this is good experience for me and for my wife coz we are on our honey moon again thank you azure travel and again thank you ogun you were so patiend to us becouse used to we were late???? with my wife thank you.

Usama hassan - 5.0/516 February 2019

I am from iraq
How a quide can be that much so good
I swear this is my seccond tour first one it was wery bad and quide same but to day excellent quide wery well good kind interestink in all pushing us to enjoy montain telesiyaj ice so shortly guys thank you hogan ahmad thank you azure
By the way food was so good again thank you for the restaurant to

Ismaeel abdulkhan - 5.0/515 February 2019

My name is ismaeel frm indiai wasnt sure if i was going to enjoy my tour that much realy shookriya hogan again and again even sometimes you were talking our language with me telesiyaj was cool enjoyable specialy ur hospitalty hogan was sooo kindly thank you for that.
In the morning we were waiting a lot but you fixed all thank you hogan thank you azure travel.

I wish there is more then excellent to i can say it
Chapir sencorta - 5.0/513 February 2019

I am frm malesia it was my first tour with my family and we are so happy now going back to the fariboat we will make titanic there as hogan said to us .
I wish my best for our quide hohan coz he done excellent for us i dont want to talk a lot you should be with him in same bus to you can understan me thank you hogan thank you azure for all becouze
we were lucky coz was snowing and telesiyaj so enjoyable snow bikes too.

Excellent not enough
Mahdee cabir fikri - 5.0/513 February 2019

Hi today bursa was cloudy fogy rainy and some times was snowing but tour was excellent coz our quide was shineing to much hi cool a lothelping and pushing to we can enjoy more and he did thank you habibi hogan thank you again becouse my wife so happy for the tour and for you too
Inchallah next tour ur will be our quide again thank you azure travel.

Hamad al hassan - 5.0/513 February 2019

I am frm bahrain.
I dont know how or what i will say but shortly i can say tour was excellent snow bikes same uludag was more sweet but the best was hogan ahmad our quide wallahiiii his so cool and kind and interesting in all all was happy and we likes hogan very much coz hi was making the tour so good muzik same we.were dancing too .
Guys if you need tour to bursa look for the AZURE TRAVEL AND SPECIALY FOR HOGAN AHMAD THANK YOU FOR ALL HOGAN.

Thank you hulk hogan
William cortis - 5.0/513 February 2019

Hi my name is william from the white house.
Realy tour was excellent thank you for that dear HOGAN SORRY HULK HOGAN????
Hogan so kind and was giveing to much time and first time i saw some one he done his best for all during the tour and every body was happy i am orjinaly frm UK
this is my first tour i hope next time again our quide will be HULK HOGAN.
Thank you hogan thank you azure travel.

Shookriye hogan ahmet
SHAYAN JAHANGIR - 5.0/509 February 2019

Realy shook riya ahmet hogan in the morning we were keeps you wait half hour and just were patiend a lot even during the tour same and more kind so we were not thinking the day will be so good today but it was and hogan was right quide nice to meet you hogan nice to meet you azure travel and hope to see you again i will talk with all pakistanies to get tour frm the azure travel belive that again thank you becouse evereythink was excellent to day even snow bikes even telesiyaj and for sure the time we spend there thank you.

Thank yo a lot and a lot azure travel
Imade al hassan - 5.0/509 February 2019

Excellent wery good wonderfull thats why thank you.
Ill never fourget that day my god thank you
Hogan coz first time i saw snow and was snowing and hogan was giveing to much time thank you hogan for your hospitalty
We get to much pictures again thank you azure travel.

Thank you coz was realy excellent
Rafat al morisi - 5.0/507 February 2019

Do you know o went to the many countrys first time i was feeling realy i am on the tour and quide is a realy quide and was patiend and kind to all.
Montain was eooo good coz was snowingand it was our first time seeimg snow and snowing any way thank you hogan ahmed for ur beeing so kind and patiend to us coz we were late hope to see you again bro.

Thank you for the wonderfull day
Alexis puroad - 5.0/507 February 2019

Yeah our day was wonderfull thank you for that i was worry a lot coz was raining a lot in bursa than hogan told us dont worry raining here snowing up there realy was wonderfull thank you for all snow bike it was so good telesiyaj specialy our quide was giveing to much time again thank you for the wonderfull day.
Thank you azure travel.

My wife kissed me biiiiiig.
Sami cabeer fallah - 5.0/504 February 2019

Yes realy my wife kissed me biiiig becouse tour was excellent and hogan ahmet very cool and enjoyable quide thats why geting biiiig kissed.
Thank you hogan for the time you were giveing on the montain geting to much pictures????thank you again Azure and hogan

Abubakar asham - 5.0/502 February 2019

Hi dear guests my name is abubakar from indonesia we were happy a lot during the tour realy i was not thinking we will enjoying that much hogan our quide realt was kind of MAESTRO AND MASTER he was interesting with all guests .montain was so well day was suny excellent but hogan was makeing our day THANK YOU HOGAN
THANK YOU AZURE coz hogan done what he was talking at the morning and now we are on the way to the boat THANK YOU.

Again excellent
Mohammad cabeer - 5.0/502 February 2019

Yes as i said again excellent coz realy was it
Hogan our quide was useing bridge in the morning not boat!? I was aaaa thinking with my wife he said to us i will use bridge in the morning to we can rich early and enjoying our toue and day more and more honestly i wasnt happy for that but when we understand his personelety we like him more and when we rich up the montain we like him and tour more and more coz day was suny to much snow and he was gibeing to much time and realy we were agree for what he was saying in the morning and as he said after first stop we were on the montain.
Thank you hogan ahmet and sorry for what we were thinking with my wife and
Thank you azure hogan is the best.

The day was good but hogan was best
Seyfullah khan - 5.0/502 February 2019

Thank you azure travel coz you have realy best quide and best of the beat hogan.
I am frm indonesia my otel taxin nis he was geting us and he was waiting for a.while so he was kind and on the tour so well smiling used too to every one i been on many countrys honestly never ever seen a quide like him again thank you and on the mountain was giveing to much time so evereythinks was excellent with HOGAN AHMET.

Hogan and montain was excellent
Abdo - 5.0/531 January 2019

Yes my name is abdo.
Honestly uludag was excellent hogan too coz he was giveing to much time to we can enjoye and we are????
Shortly thank you hogan and azure.

It wasnt luck day maybe!
Badir seyyar - 3.0/531 January 2019

Hi this is badir frm sout afrika.
I sait wasnt lucky day for what?! Coz we were not starting good we were waiting a lot for some more peoples then bus was broke again waiting so nothing to do hogan our quide was good thank you hogan. I wish saying was excellent you were excellent coz your gived 2 hours on montain to we can enjoy more thank you.

Miss singapore - 5.0/529 January 2019

Not enough to say thank you to hogan coz he was for me for the snow bike so the problem after we came to the green masque i was going to pay him coz was going toget money frm the atm the atm geting my visa card and i was craying then hogan told me dont worry if you have no money not big deal i dont know first time i am seeing that much kind quide even the day was wonderfull with hogan thank you hogan again and again.
Thank you axure travel.

Thank you and thank you AZURE TRAVEL
Amir salahattin - 5.0/529 January 2019

And thank you hogan ahmet you were realy kind patiend and during the tour by smile face .
Montain was fogy even hogan was giveing to much time first time i am beeing on the ice that much thank you hogan thank you azure travel.

Thank you hogan for giveing to much time
Abdullah al kamri - 5.0/529 January 2019

Yes thank you again hogan on the montain for ur giveing time real we were enjoyik our time snow bikes even was good we werent fast but even was good so the day and tour was excellent.
Thank you hogan thank you azure travel

Hogan was excellent not the montain ways
Abdullah al kamri - 5.0/527 January 2019

Yes al was good specialy quide thank you hogan.
But i dont understand why was to much trafic actualy hogan was saying winter seosons more crowded then other seosens
Hogan was kind and was giveing to much time for the snow bike and for the lift chairs side thats why was excellent.
Thank you azure travel and hope to see you again hogan ahmet

Activites was good bursa not
Ali al harbi - 5.0/527 January 2019

Hi guys.
As i said activites and our quide hogan was good he was pushing us to enjoying bur montain was crowded a lot i hate it tomuch trafic it takes time to rich upthe montain any way we were enjoying and hogan was good thank you hogan thank you azure.

Muhsin abubakar - 5.0/525 January 2019

My name is
Muhsin abubakar frm indonosia.
We were 6 pax to day for the bursa tourand al of us were so happy coz so comfortable oir quide was giveing 3 hours on the montain geting to much pictures and telesiyaj get us to upthe montan was very enjoyable thank you ogun ahmet and thank you again for ur being so kind to every one.
Thank you azure travel.

I am housband of cucu hogan ahmet excellent
Mansoor mariam - 5.0/525 January 2019

Realy i was woooow coz ahmet was so oatiend and kind specialy to my wife.
Actualy wasnt ahmets foult and my wife was fighting him she tought his keep waiting us in the morning then we understan all sorry ahmet hogan.
The dat was good we were enjoying coz ahmet was giving to much time on the montain thank you again ahmet .
And thenk you for ur gived a chans to writhe comment.
Thank you azure

Hogan hogan thank you kind and patiend a lot
Abdullah al kamri - 4.0/525 January 2019

Shortly guys bursa was good cold and to much ice snow.
But our quide hogan keeps us so well and happy evereythings are was wery good
Thank you hogan ahmet and azure

Ahmet was excellent!
Cucu mariam - 5.0/525 January 2019

Yes as i said our quide ahmet was excellent
Why? In the morning we were waiting 45 munites for what? For other guests and frm the same hotel and i was fighting with ahmet hogan but he was kind and cool just was telling me be patiend some times some peoples being late it was his answear any way .
Thank you hogan ahmet i understan its not your foult .
Thank you ahmet hogan again

Abdullah al harbi - 5.0/524 January 2019


Seyfullah khan - 5.0/524 January 2019

Yes when he was telling me dil dil pakistan can can pakistan i was happy and comfortable his sooo cool wondering right
His name OGUN AHMAT frm turkey was our qide bursa was good a lot and enjoyebla wit him.
PLEASE PAKISTANIY GUYS AND FAMILYS when ur coming to turkey if you want to go to the tour please looking for AZURE TRAVEL .

Seyfullah khan - 5.0/524 January 2019

Yes when he said dil dil pakistan can can pakistan i was very comfortable his name was OGUN our quide we were enjoying all day DEAR PAKISTANISH GUYS FAMILYS PLEASE LOOKING FOR AZURE TRAVEL COMPONY to you can spend good time specialy with OGUN AHMAD.

Thank you for makeing my day
Melissa sorty - 5.0/520 January 2019

Guys if youbwant to go to the tour you should find AZURE TRAWEL.!
i was enjoying to much our quide hogan was so kind to every one.
Was wonderful specialy lift chairs so good

Abdul hamit zahir - 5.0/520 January 2019

Montain was good but to much crowded
Was nathink to do but again our tour was soooo vell .
Our quide was hogan ahmed hi was kind and oatine to every one so we were enjoying our day a lot.

Einfach spitze
Sümer dinc - 5.0/518 December 2018

Wunderschöner Traum Ausflug bei azure...
War echt alles tip top.super freundliche personel,alles sauber...
Danke nochmal für azure...
Sehen wir uns nächtes Jahr wieder

Daily bursa trip with licenced guide
Abir muhammed - 5.0/518 December 2018

Hi ı have been picked up from elysium hotel on time and head to ferry then to bursa . Stop in a factory where they show us ottoman culture later we stop for historical tree which is one of the oldest huge tree . Lunch was very tasty mix barbecue grilled. Then we went to the uludag for snow and chairlift . We spend there about 2 hours which is quite enough time for enjoying . After mountain we went to historical part of bursa old city for green complex which is consist of mosque, turkish bath, silk house and mouselium. Briefly we loved this trip and we will come back . Guide mr cuneyt was proffesional and AZURE company ; thank you so much

Daily bursa trip
Abir muhammed - 5.0/518 December 2018

Hi ı have been picked up from elysium hotel on time and head to ferry then to bursa . Stop in a factory where they show us ottoman culture later we stop for historical tree which is one of the oldest huge tree . Lunch was very tasty mix barbecue grilled. Then we went to the uludag for snow and chairlift . We spend there about 2 hours which is quite enough time for enjoying . After mountain we went to historical part of bursa old city for green complex which is consist of mosque, turkish bath, silk house and mouselium. Briefly we loved this trip and we will come back . Guide mr cuneyt was proffesional and AZURE company ; thank you so much

Great bursa trip with azure
Yasin - 5.0/518 December 2018

Excellent tour to bursa wıth complete guıdance of Mr cuneyt we really enjoyed
Pıcked from hotel and update every scene road cıty etc. Uludag mountain was fascinating and historical tree with ıts 610 years old age look great. I reccomand to my all friend this company .Azure tour is very good company thanks for at all

Bursa trip
Abdulaziz - 5.0/521 June 2018

It was very ıntrestıng trıp yet and the guıde was very helpfull too and the weather was good and the food was great and the people were kınd .

Trıp to bursa
Abdulazız al mahrızı - 5.0/521 June 2018

It was very ıntrestıng trıp yet and the guıde was very helpfull too and the weather was good and the food was great and the people were kınd .

Farez al ahli - 5.0/518 May 2018

This is farez frm ksa i was leaving in nortstern otel .
I like that guide very much coz our day was so good hi was kind just i was asking him our otel was change may you ride me the to faik pasha otel hi told me why not .
Bursa tour was good and wasnt to much peoples there telesiyaj was good too hogan was gi eing good i.forlation.
Thank you azure thank you ahmet hogan.

Tmothy til - 5.0/518 May 2018

Hi this is timothy frm sout africa.
I was having my breakfast in blu marmary otel and was thinking what ill see during the tour ? Honestly our guide ogun ahmed was so well so good THANK YOU OGUN THANK YOU AZURE TRA EL AGENCY.
bursa was good trip was more good with the guide .

Timothy enfolza - 5.0/518 May 2018

Hi this is tmothy from south africa.
I was having my breakfast this morning andi was thinking what will be to day during the tour shortly guys THANK YOU OGUN THANK YOU AZURE TRAWEL AGANCY.
was wonderfull day with guide OGUN.

Michael mendoza - 5.0/511 May 2018

Hi dear azure travel.
Tha.k you for all thank you for makeing our day with hogan .
I am frm phillipines i was so happy when he start to talk tagaloo with us.

Nasir al nasri - 5.0/511 May 2018

This is Nasir frm bomanti hilton
Thank you ahmat ogan you were so kind and cool honestly you and ur company so trustable evereythinks was good during the tour just was fogy a lot again thank you ogan and thank you azure.

Sameh samir - 4.0/511 May 2018

Dear guest
Trip was long and good specialy uludag montain was wonderfull it was fogy a lot but we were enjoying thank you hogan ahmat thank you azure

Amir salahattin - 5.0/510 May 2018

From garden house. Otel
Realy we were enjoying our day with my wife with this compony and with ogun ahmet everythink was good THANK YOU

Thank you for makeing my day
Abdullah al harbi - 5.0/510 May 2018

My name is Abdullah al harbi frm KSA
i joined to the tour frm rixos pera otel my day was EXCELLENT guys when i was waiting to they pick me up i was worry and our guide hogan ahmet was so cool

Azure Sapanca tour with Anna
محمد الحربي - 5.0/515 March 2018

الرحله جميله جدا
واشكر انا على تعاملها الطيب لنا استمتعنا كثيرا❤

Anna is the best "Bursa tour"
mohtaz younes - 5.0/513 March 2018

رحلة رائعة جدا الى المدينة الخضراء و الى جبال الاولدوغ
????و لكن ما جعل الرحلة مميزة هو مرشدتنا السياحية آنا
تتكلم العربية و الانجليزية بشكل ممتاز و تلتزم بالمواعيد
بشكل ممتاز
بالاضافة الى انها شخصيتها المرحة و اللطيفة
فعلا بسبب آنا ساتعامل فقط مع هذا المكتب السياحي و في المرات القادمة نتمنى ان نجد آنا ⁦❤️

Azure Sapanca tour with Anna
Farookh Yusuf - 5.0/517 February 2018

Amazing place...lunch in masokiye is perfect...professional driver Taher...andddd most beautiful and kindly guide Anna.THANKS AZURE!!!

Azure bursa with guide Anna
Sajad waly - 5.0/531 January 2018

It was a amazing trip and included many activities . It was with our wonderful guide Anna. I wish her more success. I hope to go on another trip with best guide Anna.

Unforgettable Trip
Toufic Alaf - 5.0/530 January 2018

This trip I made it along with jedo (My Grandfather) he asked for this trip so I did it beyond he’s request
The trip from beginning till the end was unforgettable and this goes to the best guide in the tour, who kept my grandfather happy & satisfied all day long.
She was taking extreme care of my grandfather in all way

The best part is my grandfather kept on telling everyone from my family and friends about her

The guide tour was Anna, who has good spirit, humor, personality, attitude.
Big thanks for this azure tourist company for having a person like ANNA as there employee tour guide

Anna the best girl guide in this agency
Sabrina sebhi - 5.0/518 January 2018

Amazing place to visie it was wonderful special with anna she is number one for everything crazy girl seni seviyorum anne ????????????

Thank you Anna
Zina Rabouhi - 4.0/518 January 2018

The excursion of Bursa was as a dream.Anne is kind and good guide.Whene i come back,i really want to go with this agency to Machokiya and Sabanja

thanks to anna she is so cut from algeria
meriem - 5.0/518 January 2018

very nice trip and thanks to the cute anna she is so friendly and helpful kiss

Borsa with guide Anna
Saad - 5.0/516 January 2018

شكرًا ألمرشدة انى رحلة ممتعه برفقتك وورفقت القروب في اولوداغ استمتعنا جدا

This tours very very good
Firas sami eid - 5.0/514 January 2018

This trip very pretty and guiding anna an excellent very and their work well

رحلة ممتازة ومرشدة أننا ممتازة
وسيم فرح براهمة - 5.0/514 January 2018

غداء شهي وشوفير باص محترف سعر مناسب للرحلة وشرح عن الأماكن الأثرية مثل الشجرة التاريخية ممتاز

Thanks Anne for making this trip wonderful and unforgettable!
Miqdadi - 3.0/511 January 2018

Amazing experience ,lookouts and deals.
The trip was alright, i think what made better it and actually you will be lucky if Anne was your trip guide, she works absolutely professionally and tries to explain everything she know to you using her 3 languages skills,
If i would need to join this company again I’ll do it just in case Anne was my guide to show me around,
Thanks Anne for your time , all the best XXX

Thanks ahmet
Salih hassan ali - 5.0/509 January 2018

It was wonderfull tour realy.
I was not thinking that way thank you ahmet hogan thank you Azure.
I will talk to my friends to get tour frm you guys. THANK YOU AGAIN.

Bursa tiur with azure
Ahmad - 5.0/509 January 2018

Very nice day we chosed. Everything was great . I appreciate our guide mr demir he is amazing

Bursa tour
Bilal Ahmed - 4.0/530 November 2017

Tour was really good and enjoyable . Our guide was very good a cooperative. Everything was fine except cable car timing. Because when we catught the cable car the sun set. So we didnt able to see the most beautiful views from cable car. I think cable car timing should be before sun set. Thanks

Tour bursa with azure
Khuram aziz - 5.0/525 November 2017

Everything was excelent i was worry to attend this trip with my childreen before but we loved it. Tour guide cuneyt is number one he is so kind and gentelman and driver ibrahim is nice

Amazing trip
Esraa Alsultan - 5.0/520 November 2017

It was really amazing trip
We enjoyed our time
Good food good service
Good places and activites
The program was perfect
Ibrahim and ~cuneyt were really helpful and dedicted to help us and make the trip as comfortable and enjoyable as possible

Bursa trip with azure
Mehir - 5.0/518 November 2017

It was lovely trip and we are all so happy with this company. Thank you to driver ibrahim he was so good driver and guide cuneyt was so helpfull and infirmative

Boursa trip
Berna - 5.0/518 November 2017

The guıde was excellent and nıce and very gentelman and we come another tıme wıth your company ... thank you wıth all respect

Boursa trıp
Berna khoury - 5.0/518 November 2017

The guıde was excellent and nıce and very gentelman and we come another tıme wıth your company ... thank you wıth all respect

Sabreen Eid - 5.0/518 November 2017

Amazing trip to have taken. Had a great time with our tour guıde Cuneyt. We enjoyed very much for sure doing it again. Cuneyt was very kind and explained so much about the history of Turkey.

Azure tour with ali guide
Baly - 5.0/506 September 2017

Greeb burda tour was fantastis with azure and ali 2 time ı came to bursa thıs time we enjoyed our time ı will buy more trıp from same azure company azure the best in istanbul thanks a lot teşşekured

Azure ali green bursa
Salemm - 5.0/506 September 2017

It s nice trip with ali and azure company but the morning pıckup hotel itwas late time althoug this it was very fantanstic trıp especially with ali guide he is not like syria guides he is educated with lisans professional turist card ı advise all guest with goıng to bursa with azure company and ali

Azure tour wıth ali
Awerr - 5.0/505 September 2017

its very organized trip thanks azure company ı lıked teleferik so much excellent view and old tree guide helped us and leading us thank you ali

Azure wıth guide ali
Asfkatum - 5.0/505 September 2017

I was Uludag green bursa trıp today was very nice tour ı enjoyed my time thanks a lot

Appreciation note
Khaled el hajj - 5.0/529 August 2017

On behalf of myself and my family , ı want to recognıze the team guıdıng us ın the bursa tour today, Alı was of great attıtudr, makıng the trip very funny and enjoyable and provıde great and valuable ınformatıon. We really enjoy it

Azure ali
Aamamarr - 5.0/524 August 2017

Thanks for all nice tour ı lıked the the lunch so much nice ırganozad tour with compy azure culturel guide ali thanks

Azure tour and ali
Emmaer ali - 5.0/516 August 2017

Very long and tiring tour but ıts worth going to bursa and also ıf ali with you perfect in this company thanks so much

Azure ali
Azerrr - 5.0/503 August 2017

İt is very excellent thanks azure tour and guide ali you are the best in this job ıt s very beautıful city the green bursa ı wish ı had been before

Azure ali
Saduj el mubar - 5.0/518 July 2017

It s very good trip with ali and company azure Drıver ı lıke so much turkey bursa i wish my all my family bring to this tour with azure thank for at all

Azure ali is perpect and also company
Muhanmeet allii - 5.0/515 July 2017

We enjoyed our time ıt was very nice tour I liked grand mountain telefeerik green mosque the lunch was perfect mix grielled meat excellent guide ali ı advise to bursa with azure tour coming prefer ali as guide ılove turkey

Azure tour with ali
Muhabbii - 5.0/515 July 2017

İt was excellent tour with ali and agency azure uludag was beautıful teleferik also ınformation from ali is very usefull ı love turkey ı advice to everybody come and see bursa with azure ali

Azure with ali
Mohammad sarkawt - 5.0/515 July 2017

Thıs trıp so nıce and we went to bursa the bursa have a nıce place

Bursa trip with azura tours
Tarek Mohamed - 5.0/514 July 2017

It was an amazing trip with azure tours, i really enjoyed the food, and the road trip, the price was nice and aforable for everyone. I really enjoyed the company of my tour guide Cuneyt he is one of the best tour guides ive been with, if not the best! He was very nice and answered all our queries and made sure we were all safe at all times and made sure we were enjoying our time. He also gave us a lot of information about the places and turkey, and made me love and admire this place forever.

Azure tour with ali
Muhammed - 5.0/513 July 2017

It was very nice trıp ı enjoyed oır time in this company azure ali and niyazi teşşekkrat

Bursa Trip
Monther - 5.0/509 July 2017

Really we had an awesome day with our helpful & nice freindly guide, name is Cynet, really we had a beatiful day in bursa, our driver niyazi was cooperative too.. if im gona reserve another trip sure i'll choose Azura Agency group.. thank you too much for the nice time we spent today and your hard work to make it lovely & nice trip

Excellent trip
Hussain albin ahmed - 5.0/509 July 2017

It was excellent trip with trip advisor MR. cuneyt
Wish to do more tours with him.
Also our profissional driver mr. Niyazi is an excellent driver.
The company is well organaized and has good manaegment team.

Azure ali guide excellent
Eraamii - 5.0/507 July 2017

he told us about bursa Turkey ıt was vey nice tour for my family thank you ali and azure tour family

Borsaatour with ali and niyazi
Arflfjf - 5.0/505 July 2017

Excellent we enjoyed all our time azure family very hospitiy friendly nice trıp bursa cable car is very enjoyable dont miss it if you come to bursa .green complex is very interesting for me at all we will come back again with same company azure next time

Very nice trıp wıth ali
Askte - 5.0/504 July 2017

Thanks for very fantistic trıp company azure and ali we enjoyed bursaa is very nice city

Azure tour with ali
Ahmedd - 5.0/502 July 2017

It was very nice trıp with ali and travel agency azure nice food informativ one guide the bus very comfortable ı can advise everybody

Excellent but open cable not safe for children
Omer - 5.0/527 June 2017

Cuneyt, pronounced Junayd, is excellent guide. He is helpful and with good sense of humor. Bursa is very beautiful! The closed cable great but the optional open cable not safe for children. There are no safety belts and chikd can fall down if he is not held very tightly by parent. So not safe for children but be careful even for adult. However, open cable is optional, you dont need to take it when you are at mountain and can better spend tine walking. The green mosque is very spiritual! Don't miss it! Don't miss going through all the rooms and praying for Allah to bless us even more than He blessed the Ottoman dynasty. Try to go to the tombs before 8 pm. I heard it is usually open until 11 pm but it was closed around 8:20 or so. Again, Cuneyt is very good guide.

Cuneyt 27 june 2017 Bursa trip
Alaa Albadawi - 5.0/527 June 2017

It was great trip , the guid was excellent and very supportive ,

boursa Trip with Cuneyt
Lamis Ali - 5.0/526 June 2017

Boursa trip was very nice everything was perfect our guid Cubeyt was very kindness & helpful & his plan for the trip was arranged & perfect

Borsa toure
Ahmed Elsherbiny - 4.0/526 June 2017

Every thing was nice and the tour guide was very helpfull and supportive

Best Day İn Turkey
Hussain Alghadeer - 5.0/525 June 2017

İ have sent 10 days in turkey İ would definetly say this trip is best trip and best day i have ever spent in turkey. Very nice view, very engaging activity, testy food and friendly Guide his name is Suleyman and driver Cengiz.
İ went with they are very good with time and have very good price

A little change will make it excilant
Mohammad alkhawajah - 3.0/523 June 2017

It is nice trip to vist , the guider ( GUNEYT ) was very helpful and good accint , he have a good way to guid the trip. The thing which will make the diffrence is the arrival to the lake should be on the sunset not on the afternoon becuse the weather was so hot . Now for the activity should be more flexible each one can drive alone and go to the top alone , i didn't like the group drive it make it poor . In general i like the trip and i would like to come again

Sapanca and Mashougey trip
Bassel Alhussein - 5.0/523 June 2017

Mr. Juneyt was very friendly and cooperative. He explained lots of information that we really enjoyed.
The company Azure didn't respect the appointment they gave, they told me to be ready at 8:30 and they came to hotel at 8:00, so I missed the journey for the first time.

Bursa trip with cuneyt
Dursun Erdogan - 5.0/515 June 2017

Sayin Azure Tour calisanlari, 15 Hazirn Istanbul Bursa turunuza katildim.
Son 10 yildir Turkiye ve diger ulkelerden cok sayida tour'a katildim, Sayin rehberimiz Cuneyt beyin profesonel basarisi. bizlere keyfli yolculuk yasati.

Bursa trip
Al quezani. - 5.0/515 June 2017

Cuneyt guid us in this tour and he made it not only knowlgeble ln historical and culure back groud bot also so jntersting and fun thak you all for all thes sarbocrd amd rffory for your customer.

Very amazing tour with azure company and ali
Muhammed - 5.0/523 May 2017

Mr ali is very good in his job and kınd , every body was felling comfortable to deal wıth hım and the drıver also was so good . Ths ıs the second tıme dealıng wıth the same company ı will advise my all friends azure tour ıf you go to Turkey thanks alot

Azure tour with ali awesome tour
Akkfiü - 5.0/521 May 2017

Excellent trıp nice everything is this tour Guide ali with us ıt was the best for us he told us about TUrkey bursa trıp we liked so much well organized tour thank you azuerr and gudie ali

Borsa trip
Hanan Atallah - 4.0/519 May 2017

It was very nice trip and the guide: Cuneyt Demir was very helpful, on time, gentel and he shared details and intersted information about the places we visited.
The guide alwayse shared details and what we are going to do and he gave enough time for the group. The guide respect group interst to do any activity or not.
The bus was very comfortable and driver was very helpful and pacient.
The food was good but a little cold. I prefer food to be warmer and well done.
The bad thing, the cable car was not working in first station, so we took it in last station only :(
In general it was very nice trip I will be happy to join in other trip.

Azure tour with guide ali
Nasiik el - 5.0/518 May 2017

Everythıng was great ı enjoyed my time with this company azure and professional tour guide ali is very knowlegable kind smart he lead us all tour and places that we went ı lıked yeşil camii (green mosque uludag homemade restorant etc

Bursatour aZure ali
Mariaa hayrt - 5.0/518 May 2017

Many thanks azure travel agency and guide ali it was very organized tour nice tour knowlegable and useful tour. delicious meat on uludag we had

Azure tour travel agency bursa tour wıth alı
Muhammad ahmad - 5.0/516 May 2017

Excellent tour to bursan wıth complete guıdance of Mr Alı we reaiiy enjoyed
Pıcked from hotel and update every scene road cıty etc. Aiı ıs very professıonal tour guıde very frıendiy and complete knowiedge of all places. Azure tour is very good company thanks for at all

Bursa trip
RAWIAH ALMEHDHAR - 5.0/529 April 2017

This was the first trip with your azure company is well organized and drivers are experts such as Niyazi and Macit are ????????????????
On the other hand, Mr.Cuneyt was expert in his job , loving his country ,helpful man with a nice attitudes,, wish you all the best and I Lk recommend your company to my family

Azure tour with ali guide
cumanli el ahmety - 5.0/526 April 2017

Bursa city very nice ı lıke it ali guide very helpful man truthman very experience guide tour with ali is perfect experience tour azure and ali appreciate you ı will advice all my friend and kindship and lunch was very delicious the place we went very clean the people over there very hospitality personety thank s azure company and ali

Tout simplement excellent
Rachid khalid - 5.0/525 April 2017

Un super voyage, tres bien organise et tres bien gere par l'animeteur qui etait d'un proffessionnalisme parfait.le chauffeur ettait egalement excellent . Voyage inoblcciable.
Au nom de toute la famille de khalid du maroc.
Grand merci a cuneyt et ibrahim

Bursa trip with awesome guide
Liviar nazhat - 5.0/525 April 2017

It was really nice trip today and guide cuneyt was so good and friendly with driver ibrahim. Everything was on time . Thank you very much to Azure company

Azure tour with ali
Sultan - 5.0/522 April 2017

It was a very nice trip and a more impressive porgram and special thanks to mr.ali for the good trip.

ازورا مع علي وبس
Mohammedalanazi - 5.0/509 April 2017

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
اشكر شركة ازورا والقائمين عليها واشكر بالاخص الاخ علي جزيل الشكر لانه واقف معنا في كل لحظة وكل زاوية بالمنطقة تم التعرف عليها بفضله (ملاحظتي على المطعم يجب تغييره او يحسنو معاملة السائح)

Azure tour with tour guide Im soooo happy
zınab el khaled - 5.0/508 April 2017

This trip was the best so far in turkey as Ali our gudie for the trip was very helpful and provied the full information about the location that we visit in bursa the histroy of the place and i fully recomed Ali for this trip as he is the best .. amazing trip

Dana jaber - 5.0/526 March 2017

The tour was great and very helpful to get to know everythıng about turkey and ıts vıllages and all preety thıngs they have.. alı the guıde was amazıng he ıs the best and the drıver ıbrahım they both our day and surprısed us also ❤ senı sevıyorum turkey and alı and ıbrahım ❤❤

Azure tour with ali One of the best i've see in life
Talal alrasheedi - 5.0/524 March 2017

I can't say any more he is the best

The tour was well managed
Sandeep chondhury - 5.0/514 March 2017

The guide cuneyt was amazing and ibrahim was also good driver. Just one advise about the other passengers must be convenient with other. Guide has to be strickter .

Bursa trip
Adel & mariam - 5.0/513 March 2017

Really it was very nice trip????
We anjoyed alot ????????
"Cuneyt Demir" you'r agreat and awesam person
We love you ❤️
Thank you so much ????
We'll never forget you????
Enjoy with you'r new name "mohamet" ????

Perfect and very friendly
AJ - 5.0/513 March 2017

The tour guide (Cuneyt) is really friendly and kind.
The timing is suitable and locations visited were all nice.

عزوره مع علي
Sultan alkhaldı - 4.0/512 March 2017

السلام عليكم الله يعطيهم العافيه احسن شركه سياحيه وامان بشكل كبير وتنظيم ممتاز اشكر القايميين عليه وعلئ راسهم الاخ علي وشكرا

ahmad el samad - 4.0/511 March 2017

Very nice trip, great team and great atmosphere!
Guide: Mehmet

awesome and freindly
mahmoud harmouch - 5.0/511 March 2017

mhemet is an awesome person the tour was just like described

interesting trip
fatima Albadri - 5.0/511 March 2017

we anjoy it and sure we well use it agin

very good tour. friendly staff
mansur el jumazi - 5.0/511 March 2017

rejle.munavva3a va jamile. kenit jamilemmarra mu3amlet kuvysa kitir.. grup vahid nazih kitir. ibsallah nijintaniyan.. selematkun. chukren mehmed. va azure

very good tour. friendly staff
Bassam F. Hameed - 5.0/511 March 2017

highly recommend. thenks
guide mehmed ans thenks AZURE campany

Azure With ali
Raed - 5.0/504 March 2017

I iıked the trıp and the guide was very good man and we engoyed the trıp wıth hım ????

nice toor
rania daher - 4.0/527 February 2017

tour is nice
activity nice
launch not good
guide mohamed he soo nice guy

nice tour
Abdülaziz Alsehli - 4.0/527 February 2017


Azura tour with Ali
Abduh Ismail - 5.0/523 February 2017

The Bursa tour was one of the best experıence ın our trıp here ın Turkey. We managed to vısıt all the attractıons ın Bursa wıthın the day,whıch ıs amazıng! Alı ıs a very knowledgeable and experıenced guıde! Very helpful, sıncere and he made the whole group happy, feel weicomed and very satısfıed wıth the whole experıence. I hıghly recommend Alı ıf you're lookıng for a tour here ın ıstanbul! Thanks from my famıly, teşekur edderum!

Nice guy
Jaber - 5.0/519 February 2017

He is really good guy I recommend him so nice and funny.

Saad - 5.0/518 February 2017

It was wonderful tripe

Tour was perfect
Fatema Alaradi - 5.0/513 February 2017

Mr cuneyt was so professıonal and kınd , every body was felling comfortable to deal wıth hım and the drıver also was so good . Ths ıs the second tıme dealıng wıth the same company

Trip to Bursa
Ahmed Mohammed Amin Hejazi - 4.0/513 February 2017

Totaly the trip was nice and realy i would like make it again in future specially with your coodinater mr. Cuneyt he was succesful to explain some good information aboutTurkey
But i suggest to concel the visit after leaving the mountain and to go up by telefrik instead Bus and to leave early from Istanbul

Tour guide
Ahmed Hussein alzahrani - 4.0/513 February 2017

They were so good and professional in dealing with the tourist

Tour was perfect
Fatma Alaradi - 5.0/513 February 2017

Mr cuneyt was so professıonal and kınd , every body was felling comfortable to deal wıth hım and the drıver also was so good . Ths ıs the second tıme dealıng wıth the same company

nice toor
maen sharman - 5.0/512 February 2017

i am so happy

nice toor
mutaseem - 5.0/512 February 2017

nice toor with garet guide ahmad

Great bursa tour
Santosh raj - 5.0/504 February 2017

Thanks guide ali very informative and kind an awesome bus driver made it a smooth trip

bursa tour with azure
mustafa tatlısu - 5.0/504 February 2017

very nıce tour thanks for tour team

Bursa tour
Areeb - 5.0/501 February 2017

He is excellent and excellent driving cüneyt azora and he was Very good at explaining and he told us many things about turkey and er learned many things from him.

Bursa tour
Haifaa khayyat - 5.0/501 February 2017

Guide is cüneyt and the driver is Omar shareshareef

Bursa tour
Marwa Almuhaysin - 4.0/530 January 2017

We had such wonderful time and great experience , we liked everything, thanks allot to our tour guid ????


To bursa with CÜNEYT from Azure
Mohammed Alfarhan - 4.0/529 January 2017

We are a young couple is was our first group activity and we went to bursa with CÜNEYT. The ride was nice overall we went to different places and we had difficulties due to group members not being in time. CÜNEYT was informative and engaging wish he gets the phone numbers next time though before the trip to avoid the problems we faced. We would diffently like to join him in another trip in the future.

Bursa tour by AZURE
SANYUKTA BHEEGOO - 5.0/529 January 2017

Nice trip conducted by our guide C'UNEYT .remained professional at all times very approachable to the people on the trip.Excellent knowledge about overall trip and Turkey itself. Keep it up.look forward for a future trip with him again.

Bursa tour
Sultan alhazmi - 5.0/529 January 2017

I like it too much. Cuneyt was excellent guide. And thanks to Azure tour

Bursa tour
عامر هاجر - 5.0/529 January 2017

Cüneyt Azure امضينا رحلة جميلة جدا وكانت من اجمل الرحلات التي ذهبت فيها الي بورصة
وانتي انصح كل من يريد أن يذهب الي بورصة أن يذهب مع هذه الشركة ومع المعرف cuneyt بالتحديد

Bursa tour
عبداللطيف - 4.0/529 January 2017

رحله ممتعه جدا????cüneyt شكرا قائدالرحله يتميز بأخلاق عاليه جدا وخفيف ضل جزاه الله خيرا محبكم لطفي وخديجه

Good company azure with ali
Hayat - 5.0/528 January 2017

Very nice tour with company azure tour and ali we are with you i can advise to my friend

رحلة جميلة إلى بورصة
Thamer A - 4.0/528 January 2017

ابتدت الرحلة من الفندق في تمام الساعة ٨ والنصف. الصراحة الرحلة طويلة شيئا ما إلى بورصة ولكن يتوصطها ركوب العبارة حيث كانت تجربة جميلة . قام تلسائق بعدة وقفات عند بعض الاسواق .

شكل عام رحلة جيدة ولكن قد يحصل بعض التأخير بسبب بعض المسافرين

nice toor
talal alqurashi - 5.0/528 January 2017

thnh yuo

Bursa tour
Osama A Abdulwahed - 5.0/522 January 2017

Our guide Cúneyt was rely helpful and made the trip fun and nice as for the places we went to they were oreginal. And we think to recommend the trip for our friends

Bursa tour
Fazal rahman - 5.0/522 January 2017

This is the second time I chose Azure for Bursa trip. Everything is perfect. Guides are also very supportive and keeps us engaged and give us lot of info. My special thanks to Mr. Cuneyt for making my trip awesome.
If I come to istanbul again I will surely call Azure again for Bursa trip.

Bursa tour
Ayse - 5.0/519 January 2017

The best men we can go trip with we had to much fun
They really a nice guys nice group.
And best company azura also

Bursa tour
Salwa - 5.0/519 January 2017

شوك كورال
احسن وافضل رحله كنت على متنها
والسائق رائع وكانت لطيفين معا وشكرا

Bursa tour
Qasem - 4.0/519 January 2017

It was Very good .by cüneyt and thank to Azure for this trip it was fantastic

Abbas merza - 5.0/515 January 2017

We enjoyed the trip , the tour guy was very nice and kind , i advice you to choose this company

Mohammed merza - 5.0/515 January 2017

Its was a very good trip

Bursa tour
Sazanlı Bre Tumin - 5.0/512 January 2017

Mr Cuneyt is a very friendly, help ful and most knowledgeable tourist guide. He always be around us to make sure our safety and very patient to wait for us till er furnished our shopping.
Definately we will recommend to our family members and also our friends.

Bursa tour
Arie Hernawan - 4.0/512 January 2017

We have a good time and very enjoy with the tour. Tour guide and the driver are very helpfull and informativ.

Many thanks for excellent Job.
Elsayed Marie - 5.0/508 January 2017

We would like to thanks Mr.Ali our tour guide for his proffisional job and personally he is one of the best tour guide I ever met during all my travel

Bursa tour
Turki - 5.0/507 January 2017

Best trip and great guider.. mr: cüneyt
Many activitys and guntels guiders

جزيرة الاميرات
وليد عبد الرحيم - 5.0/506 January 2017

السلام عليكم . كل الشكر والاحترام لشركة آزورا لكل ما قدمته من خدمات انا بهده الرحلة السياحية لتركيا وكانت اجمل الرحلات لجزيرة الاميرات برفقة المرشدcuneyt لطيف جدا معنا نشكر كل من ساهم بتسهيل هذه الرحلة الجميلة من شركة آزورا

Daily Bursa Tour
Bakhtiar Shah - 5.0/505 January 2017

İt was great to be on board with Sulaiman who was excellent in his work, professional and friendly.

The trip was great and enjoyae with some very good drivingby İ brahm.

Bursa trip
Mona Barakat - 5.0/504 January 2017

My trip to bursa it was really good experience ,the city ,a mountain,snow ,ski and teleferik all was a mazing .I want also thank a tour guide Mr\Cuneyt Demir .He was really nice ,collabortor and flexible,he explanied to us everything by english and arabic ,he was doing everything to mack us safe and happy ..thank u

Bursa tour
Ahmed - 5.0/504 January 2017

We had lovely day with our excellent guide cuneyt. Thank you

“A full day trip”
Mohamad N - 4.0/504 January 2017

A full day trip from Istanbul to Bursa Uludag .We went on December 18th .
We paid $77/each arranged by hotel(Azure tours ).

Pick up at 8am then changed the bus after ride about 1h,and went to ferry (about 45 min),after the ferry we went to a place to take some photos , then to Munira silk and delight outlet (sweets, tea,..) which I didn't like,then to 600 old tree to take some photos.Then to organic house honey bee outlet( didn't like).

We had our lunch at Kirazli Yayla Et Mangal ( was very good).

Then to telesiege (paid 20 Lira/each) all the way to the top of the mountain ,spend about 1h and took some fantastic pictures,then back by telesiege then telefric were we met our bus again and back home the same way.

Tour was perfect except for the extra stops(outlets) trying to sell us goods, and the driver was speedy. Tour guide (sam) was very informative and friendly.