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Excellent green bursa tour
Sazjahi parahan - 5.0/509 January 2020

Excellent green bursa tour thank you hogan for ur being kind to all specialy to that 6 persons.
From the you start to talk evereythings was good delight was yumy we were eating a lot???? thank you then we went to the historikal tree i am neliveable never seen that much tree woow food was good but montain and telesiyej more then all the day was suny no wind we get to much picture but dont get that 6 person any more coz they were noisy a lot.
Thank you hogan your realy very kind person and patiend thank you for the excellent day thank you axure travel.

Bursa Tour
Merci merci merci
Jihat fachati - 5.0/508 January 2020

It was wonderful day i swear.
Dear guest bursa excellent city specialy montain i cant say anythings green bursa tour from the begening was excellent the tree very big tree never seen that kind tree on my life super super thank you guys.
Even our quide was super his name hogan very kind and gived to us good information for every where thank you azure travel.

Bursa Tour
turkish night show in istanbul
johnny woodbridge - 5.0/528 December 2019

we beeb kervansaray turkish night show tonight. lots of diffrent group made show. l saw 3 bellydancwr folk group cousion dance show derwish life music. everthing was wonderful. food delicius. thanks azuredailytours thanks kervansaray night club

Kervansaray Turkish Night Show & Dinner
Thank you Azure for great trip!
Ashish Bhola - 5.0/528 December 2019

Very well and professionally managed trip to Bursa.Ogun is very helpful and knowledgeable person.Bursa is a hidden gem of Turkey and must explore this with Azure!

Bursa Tour
Green bursa tour excellent
Asif ahmed khan - 5.0/524 December 2019

Dear friends i am a military person first time i been out side of my country i wish i did it before i dont know my kids my wife and me were so happy enjoyed our day so good all of the actions was excellent specialy montain super and was snowing .
Our quide was super to his name hogan very good person very kind gived us good information during the tour.

Bursa Tour
Thank you tour was wonderful
Daniel ivanov - 5.0/523 December 2019

Hello this is daniel ivanow from bulgaria
We went to the green bursa tour with my family it was excellent day coz was snowing
From the begening i was sure tour will be excellent coz our quide realy was awsome
For each location he was giveing good informatin the tree woow to big never seen in bulgaria that much big tree food was good thank you but up the montain wonderful was snowing good to climb by lift chair to the montain we love it so
The day was excellent with azure compony and hogan thank you for your smile face????

Bursa Tour
Thank you hogan.
Razak show kately - 4.0/522 December 2019

Yes my name is razak today evereythink was very good specialy higan super never seen a man this way patiend kind and cool thats why i said thanks hogan even we get mad on the restourant we were waiting a lot for tje food any way again was good with hogantime was tomuch side of the tree i wish he was giveing more then 2 hours on the montain becoise nothing side of the tree just shops and was dangerous coz was to much wind.
Any way thank you hogan and azure trawel

Bursa Tour
Thank you for the excellent tour
AMAN SHUKLE - 5.0/522 December 2019

Hi this is shaid from pakistan today we went to green bursa tour was realy excellent quide super thank you hogan
I wish wasnt windy the tree realy very big we get tomuch picture there after the lunch we were on the ice our quide hogan was giveing 2 hours free time enjoying a lot even it was many peoples there by the way telesiyaj super evereybidy must be there.
Thank you azure thank you hogan .

Bursa Tour
Thank you guys it was excellent tour
Rosil vati bikti - 5.0/521 December 2019

Hi azure travel this letter for you.
Thank you for the very good quide i thing his name was ahmat hogan evereythings was perfect from the morning we start from the delight and we were eating to much delight for free???? then we went to the tree of my god very big tree on my life never seen that much a big tree for sure tomuch picture wad there and we went to the organic honey house this one was good to and the food realy was so testy it was good mix plate .
Then we went to the tekesiyej means lift chair i swear was sooooo good and even was windy a lot all was naturel we get tomuch pic with my housband thank you.
Excellent and excellent best of the best.

Bursa Tour
Wonderful green bursa tour thank you
Andrea hrusman - 5.0/516 December 2019

Hi dear friends .
I am from sout africa this is my first tour and was excellent very enjoyable we were start good and finishing more good first our quide was so kind and was giveing more information for every where during the traveling the tree ow my god incredable very big lunch was yumy to much montain super and every body must be on the telesiyaj the liftchairs open one very and very enjoyable thank you for the wonderful day thank you hogan for your being so kind to all thank you azure.

Bursa Tour
excellent night in kervansaray turkısh nıght show
chao chue - 5.0/516 December 2019

We been in kervansaray turkish night show.Food was delicius and belldancers are wonderfull.
and of the show there was a singer. He song all around the worlds song.We had very nice night.

Kervansaray Turkish Night Show & Dinner
Maramin salamat hogan
Omair ben omar - 5.0/515 December 2019

Hi dear guest today we went to green bursa tour we are from phillipines 3 friends it was imaizing wonderful and our quide was talking tagalo to.
During the way he was giveing good information we start from the delight shop all was smile face there to the tree we never ever seen that much big tree in our life even food was delicios when we rich up the montain ebery where was white means was a super and super day and tour again salamt kaybigan hogan for the wonderful day thank you azure coz ur quide very hospitalitier.

Bursa Tour
Becouse realy was excellent thank you
Khaled irhim - 5.0/513 December 2019

Green bursa tour was excellent.
Quide compony super food was same excellent specialy when we rich up the montain was wonderful first time i saw snow and was snowing telesiyaj super you should be there guys and our quide his name hogan ahmad was kind smile face a lot and he was giveing good time up the montain thanks thanks hogan hope to see you on other tours for sure i will take my next tour from the same azure travel.

Bursa Tour
Thank you hogan ur kind and patiend
Manal koshebse - 5.0/513 December 2019

It was excellent tour for sure and we were enjoing a lot specialy on the montain becouse was snowing specialy telesiyaj very enjoyable you should be on.
But i hope on our next tour i wont see the 7 peoples i thing they were a family i hate coz they were very noisy and dhirty in the bus even hogan was talking to them how many times realy hogan was kind and patiend any way A BIG THANKS for the excellent tour .
Thank you azure travel.

Bursa Tour
Thank you azure
Ahmed khan - 5.0/512 December 2019

In our last day, we booked for bosphorous which we enjoyed too much. We went to miniaturk, pierre loti hill with cable car, ayub al ansari mosque, bosphorous tour by boat. Shortly it was a nice day. And our guide, she was very informative and well-organized. Hope to see you again.

Full Day Bosphorus Tour With Miniaturk, Pier Lotti, Ebu Eyyüp El Ensari and Lunch
Thank you was so good hogan
Mohammat sabridino - 5.0/511 December 2019

This is my first tour and first time in turkey was wonderful tour uludag realy good and was snowing telesiyaj good and leting you to feel naturel thank you ahmad thank you azure travel.

Bursa Tour
Princess islands
Mona ganda - 5.0/510 December 2019

Thank you very much for everything azure tour. We had great time with your service, tour guide Dilek. I hope to see you next time. Good luck....

Daily Princess Island Tour
bursa tour with azure tour
amir el aziz - 5.0/518 November 2019

we wake up early and had breakfast before the bus came. they picked us from our hotel. we spent araound 3 hours for bursa trip. bursa is real green and beautiful city. we saw many placesses. grenn mosque green tomb old tree and of couurse uludag . we had very big barbecu lunch. it was delicius. we turn to istanbul at 19 30 and arrived to our hotel 22 00. in a day we spent very beaitiful day. l want to say thanks mr cuneyt for a good service

Bursa Tour
About princess island
Joel micheau - 5.0/514 November 2019

With my wife, we booked this tour from azure tour which we found in internet. We loved too much. Everything was perfect. Our guide, miss dilek, all organizations were perfect. Dont hesitate to make reservations.

Daily Princess Island Tour
Bursa with azure wonderful day
Mayra encarnacion - 5.0/508 November 2019

We had a such a good day in bursa that first capital of ottoman emlire as our guide mr jman told us. Chairlift was awesome . To sum up we enjoyed too much. Hugs to our guide and many thanks to azure to made our day

Bursa Tour