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Sapanca, and Masukiye Tour ,enjoy an adventurous day outside the city.

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sapanca and masukiye tour
anton sakhno - 5.0/512 January 2021

Sapanca and masukiye is the best oppurtunaty for a day tour from istanbul. Sapanca lake is awesome. The restaurant where we eat our lunch has perfect view by waterfall. Lots of water road around the tables. Masukiye is a naturel area where we do atv safari and zipline. I got many beautıful photos from masukike and sapanca tour



Sapanca Maşukiye Mahmudiye are the places which going to be visited

Sapanca is known close to Istanbul and known its magnificent nature.

Sapanca lake is one of the most famous lake of Turkey

Maşukiye : the region is famous with incredible nature and river

Maşukiye name comes from love (comes from Arabic language ) one of the most preferred places for honeymoon and the nature lover besides there are activities can be done

Mahmudiye is the place which are going to be visited for lunch close by the waterfalls with its incredible nature .

Shopping: We visit manufacturing of Turkish delight , organic house ,(manufacturing of honey )

Mall of symbol (in Kocaeli /izmit )

Would you like to try these tastes and have a nice tour with us?

İmportant notices !

Kartepe (snowhill ) is going to be visited only during the winter season.

Activities such as Atv's zipline does not belong to agency

The responsibility for the services such as atv, zipline does not belong to agency .

This tour can end around 22:00 23:00 (according to traffic jam, weather conditions )

Agency and tour guide has right to change the program according to weather and traffic jam conditions


Roundtrip Transportation with AC buses.

English - Arabic speaking guide,


sapanca lake and masukiye tour
asraf ismail - 5.0/504 January 2021

I am very lucky. I joined to sapanca and masukiye tour from istanbul by bus. Our Tour guide and bus driver are realy friendly, helpful. They try all day to do our tour best and comfortable. where we eat lunch the restaurant was middle of the river. It has fantastic naturel place. In masukiye area there were many activities. Zipline, hores riding, atv, waterpipe etc..I filled like a royal on sapanca masukiye trip.I will tell this tour and azure tour company all my friends

sapanca lake masukiye tour
hasan el talip - 4.0/517 December 2020

The tour was excellent. Sapanca and muskiye tour guide and driver all staf was gerat people. Lunch was with the waterfall view. thanks for a good day

Sapanca Maşukiye Mahmudiye tour
Muhammed al hassan - 5.0/506 December 2020

l went to Sapanca Maşukiye tour by bus with group. Sapanca lake was Bert beautiful.ln Maşukiye l dış ATV Safari tour. l recommend everybody. Wonderful tour

sapanca. mauskiye and sapanca lake
carlos sabastian - 4.0/514 November 2020

I am so happy because ı visited sapanca ,masukiye and sapanca lake. This masukiye and sapanca tour is perfect. I saw many beautiful placeses. Lunch, sapanca lake, atv safari is wonderful. I liked. thanks for everyone to make my day perfect

Daily sapanca lake masukiye tour azure
jonathan ashley - 5.0/502 October 2020

It was a perfect slinger tour you are wander ful

Daily Sapanca and Masukiye Tour with Azure
Kamola Muhamedova - 5.0/502 October 2020

Sapanca Tour is very enjoyable. I participated in Sapanca tour 2 times and had a lot of fun. Thank you Azure !!

sapanca masukiye tour
maurice zılgeta - 4.0/501 October 2020

Sapanca masukiye tour is very nice and intelligent tour. I saw many placeses. Sapanca lake,masukiye,mahmudiye,ormanıa etc.. I love sapanca masukiye tour. Our guide and driver very helpfull and kınd to us. Very good tour. Thanks everyone

sapanca tour
jonathan ashley - 5.0/525 September 2020

thank you very much for today's scholarship, it was a wonderful day.

maggie - 4.0/509 August 2020

everything was good we enjoyed . nice company and very kind guide

Advise to others
Gar istan - 5.0/509 February 2020

Really it was a nice trip with this company. We enjayode alot. Sapanca lake, masukiye,safari,zipline were fantastic. Also thank you wery much our guide Dilek. Dont hesitate to make a reservation with them.

Experienced tour guide
Yasser souwelam - 5.0/506 September 2019

The tour guide was very experienced,kindly and friendly, the tour was very good organized and every thing went perfectly

26/08/2019 sapanca tour with azure tour
Tosnim kiddaveh - 5.0/526 August 2019

I went to sapanca with my 7years old daughter. In the morning, I was not sure i will enjoyed that much or not. Alhamdulillah everything was fine. Our guide,Dilek, and the driver,Furkan, were so nice. They helped all of us, all the day. Thank you so much Azure travel. You wont regret for booking all their trip. Feel comfortable.

Thank you for everything
Abdullah almarabi - 5.0/531 July 2019

I took my family to sapanca which was very nice. It is my first trip with this company. We enjoyed too much at safari, zipline, shopping also. Inshallah i will come back to turkey from tunisia. Thank you so much our guide Dilek and driver furkan.

The most enjoyable trip
Nissrine Massry - 5.0/515 April 2019

I really enjoyed my trip with you to Sapanja lake it was an excellent and the most comfortable trip you can ever have. The guide Sulaiman and the driver forqan was very helpful and very very polite. They were trying to make us feeling relax and Happy. I really thanks both of them they have shown the generosity and the hospitality of turkish people, they were the guys who really made this trip very successful. Thank u so much again and again.

Sapanća & Maśukiya
Fatema Mohamed - 5.0/513 March 2019

The trip was nice .. we enjoyed it .. Azure Tour agency were helful and very informative when it comes to the trip schedule and the places we visited .. will definitely use their services again

Spanca daily tour
Emad - 5.0/502 March 2019

Very nice place amazing views, azure company really is a good company, our guide Mr Suliman was a very nice guy,very helpful,friendly .thank you for this nice day

Reem buhamad - 5.0/516 February 2019

I have a lot of fun with the group and we did too much activities in masukiye and the guide Cuneyt was helpful and friendly , it was really beautiful tour

Hussain juma - 5.0/520 January 2019

Recomanded to visit sapaca ????, realy beatiful place spcialy the riding four weel car, zip line and skating, i would like thank our guid Delak ???? realy friendly and kind lady and she's flunt in English, thanks again for beuatiful trip ..

Sapanca trip
Mohamed Mahfouz - 5.0/524 December 2018

We really enjoyed our time in Sapanca. Everything was very well organized. Our guide Soliman is very friendly, nice and informative.

Abu dahham cezayir
Abu dahham - 5.0/501 October 2018

We've seen the greens I ve seen today in the past today, azure toours, thank you for having us nice, Algerian mru genius

Sapanca with Azure!!!!!
Faisal Mohd - 5.0/510 May 2018

سابنجا منطقة جميلة لمن ارارد ان يعيش تجربة جديدة يستكشف فيها الهدوء النفسي على مستوى اخر ويسترخي ويتأمل وسط الاشجار وبجانب الشلالات.
تقدم ازوري خدمة متميزة حيث توجد فيها الراحة في المواصلات وحسن المعاملة وتسهيل الرحلة السياحية بشكل عام

Azure Sapanca tour
Salim souar - 5.0/510 May 2018

Sabanja set un bone palas pour les tourist soutent ma3achoykaya palous belle velle

Anna is the best "sapanca tour"
mohtaz younes - 5.0/515 March 2018

بعد رحلة البورصة مع افضل مرشدة سياحية ققررنا نروح كمان مرة مع آننا على سبانجا
و كانت رحلة جدا جميلة
شكرا azure
شكرا anna

Toure Experience
Hassan Jalil - 4.0/504 March 2018

I am very happy, such a great service , visite beautiful place, Nice lunch, Nice riding in safari car, and easy guide
Special Thanks

spanga tour
Muhaned - 5.0/511 January 2018

Today we Were with the great Guid Anna and it was day of life i enjoyed so much and if u want to go to anywhere come to Azure tour and belive me you will enjoy thank you for every thing ????

spanga tour
Muhaned - 5.0/511 January 2018

Today we were in spanga with the great Guid Anna and it was day of life i enjoyed so much and if u want to go to anywhere come to Azure tour and belive me you will enjoy thank you for every thing ????

Sapanca Feedback
Hammam Zayd - 5.0/501 December 2017

It was very beautiful trip and special thanks for the guide sulaiman managing the team, controlling the time.

Sbanca tour
Waleed nasser - 5.0/501 December 2017

Nice trip guided by Mr sulaiman and Mr Ebrahim...thanks

Daily Sapanca Tour with Azure
Salma elkhazin - 5.0/501 December 2017

The tour was excellent we had a great time. Mr. Suliman tour guide was so helpful and professional Mr. Ibrahim have done a great job, a big thanks to him he advised us to take this tour. I do advise all tourist to take this tour. Looking forward to do it again.

Sapanca&masuka with azure
Rami - 5.0/526 November 2017

It was natural trip we love mahmudiye and sapanca lake. Thanks to our guide mr cunet we had so much fun. I will recommend to my all friend

Azure sapanca ali
Saadi al - 5.0/504 September 2017

Thanks nice trıp
also Azure is one of the best company. We felt Happy with ali ı liked mahsukiyye

Azure ali sapanca
Mafiel al - 5.0/504 September 2017

Sapanca tour ı joined with azure compny everything is very good but sapanca ıt was hot today the kunch is good thanks ali and azure

Azure touur guide ali
Ahmet ale najer - 5.0/504 September 2017

Sapanca toue very nice organiZad with thıs company ali is very informative kind guide d also Azure is one of the best company. We felt like a royal

Azure ali
Asssdl - 5.0/504 September 2017

It s very nice trıp ı lıked most mahsikeyi ı love turkey tour guide very kind ????

Sapanca trip with azure
Turayf almatrafi - 4.0/516 July 2017

Everything was ok we enjoyed. Our guide cuneyt is very good also driver ibrahim was ok. The only thing i can complain about restaurant food was very bad small portion and untasty with too much oil. We could not eat.

Amzing trip
Mustafa eljoabeh - 5.0/529 June 2017

I loved the way the u were telling us the information and helping us to speak with people that only speak turkish and i realized that Süleyman was a kind man that helps u with anything that he could help u with

Thank you
Jassem Eljoabeh - 4.0/529 June 2017

Thank you Süleyman for the organized trip
It was well planned
The information which you provided was extremely useful
I would also thank you for your support
Keep doing what you are doing

Azure tour with ali
Raydell - 5.0/524 June 2017

Perfect azure company and Everything was very good. Nice places nice restaurant nice activities. The lake was very beautiful. My children liked the zoo so much. It's good choice for the families with children. The restaurant was just next to the river and waterfall it was really nice place but the food was not the same. And of course our guide ali was very polite and friendly and informative, special many thanks

Sapanca Tour with Azure Company
Al quezani. Aziz - 5.0/513 June 2017

I am glad that i did join this nice tour because i was combined with this two great people from the company - their names Suleyman(the guide) and Cengiz( the driver). And they did an outstanding job of guiding us to very nice places and explained everything in details, historical background and recent and in turn i got to know they got a lot of knowledge about the places we visited. And that's why i am gonna take more tour as i am staying in Istanbul. Thank you very much. And i wish you all the luck.

Daily Sapanca Tour
Hala Hassan Sabbah - 5.0/511 June 2017

We had a great time, it was well organized and the guide (Süleyman) did a great job explaining everything to us. Many thanks to company Azure.

Hala hassan sabbah - 5.0/511 June 2017

We had a great time, it was well organized and the guide (Süleyman) did a great job explaining everything to us.

Tour for sapanca
Mohammed alharbi - 5.0/525 May 2017

İ ike it the leader or fore the trip doing good job with groupe of ture he is intresting with evry body and give us alot of information about tour and city and .... i appricate for coopration with everybody. Thank to guide Suleyman and company Azure

Ahmed alghamdi - 5.0/517 May 2017

Was ammazing trip. We like safari tour. The zoo was not a good really. The guide man cuneyt was very helpfull and kind person. I will recommend it to my family and frindes

Sapanca/ masukiye
Nahed mohamed - 5.0/517 May 2017

We really enjoyed out trıp specıally wıth the tour guıde cuneyt as he was very frıendly and helpful. I really recommend u to go wıth azure tourıst company they are the best.

Sapanca Masukiye Tour
Saleh aldlelan - 5.0/527 April 2017

Everything was very good. Nice places nice restaurant nice activities. The lake was very beautiful. My kids enjoyed the zoo so much. It's good choice for the families with children. The restaurant was just next to the river and waterfall it was really nice place but the food was not the same. And of course our guide Suleyman was very polite and friendly and informative, special thanks for him. I want to say thank to Azure company for such a nice day out of the stress of the city

Excellent service
Mona chahab - 5.0/526 April 2017

The tour today was beautiful! We were picked up on time, sapanca was breathtaking, the bus was comfortable and had plugs for charging your phone. The tour guide was super nice and helpful. He spoke very good english and provided directions and advice whenever needed. My family and i really enjoyed our time and i would highly recommend this tour!

Azure tour with ali Very nıce tour
Faısal - 5.0/525 April 2017

Comfortbal area enjoıng tıme exalent staff

Khalid Alobaid - 4.0/523 April 2017

Suneut -azure

Sapanga trip
Cruz Noori - 5.0/523 April 2017

Excellent one day trip away from the city. Beautiful nature and lake views, defnatlay recommend it for Istanbul vistors. Our guid Suneyt is very friendly and has great sense of humar, lots of usuefll information and take you to the best places. 5 starts

Spanca and mashiqoia
Haifa Hubaishi - 5.0/523 April 2017

I am very sataisfied with the excellent service and lucky to have Mr Cuneyt as our trip guide.. azure company thank u for making us HAPpy

Sapanca / masukiye
Nasif - 5.0/522 April 2017

The tour was excellent with tour guide cuneyt. Lake, zoo and masukiye was nice place to visit but we didnt like only food. Despite food everything was ok thanks to azure company

Daily Sapanca Tour
Eisa Aldansari - 5.0/521 April 2017

Nice trip nice driver nice guide. They are very polite people. We had nice time. I hope everytime when i come to Turkey i go with them. And the price of the tour is not expensive for this service. They advice me and explain everything to us and answer all my questions. The guide Suleyman is really good man and Azure Company is very professional and well organized.

Amazing experience
Kawther ahmad - 5.0/504 March 2017

Such an amazing experience with an un expected scenes and activities.. very recommended to have a great time and live the fresh air and a day in the nature away from the noise of cities.. Süleyman surely made our day a day to remember.. a competent guide and a friendly one ganizer of the trip

Yusuf saad - 5.0/516 February 2017

It was a very nice trip .. on time, orgnazied and convenite

أنصح وبقوة
وحيد محمد جناحي - 4.0/507 February 2017

الرحلة رائعة وشاملة من شتى المناظر الطبيعية مثل الشلالات والجدول والجبال والثلوج مع غداء السمك اللذيذ. أنصح تجربة هذا المكتب السياحي.

Perfect sapanca tour with azure tour
Omar - 5.0/531 January 2017

Everything was wonderful. Even if er had a baby our guide mr cuneyt helped us and give all the details about tour and Turkey. He is good at his job. And his company Azure was on time. Briefly it was awesome

Mansuri - 5.0/531 January 2017

We enjoyed with our professional tour guide mr CÜNEYT Demir. He was very good. His attitudes and explanations were awesome. We definitely recommend him to our friends. And Azure tour company is also amazing
Very good

Very nice
Fareed alghamdi - 5.0/528 January 2017

Guide Suleyman company Azure i enjoy in the trip thanks for our nice giud and hope more seccade in his work

İt is a mazing
Abdullah AlGhamdi - 5.0/528 January 2017

We were Guided by Mr. Suleyman from company Azure.

İt was amazing even it was my second time in sapanca.

İ will recommend it for my friends and other people.

Excellent tour!!
Mahmood alblooshi - 5.0/527 January 2017

İ lovef everything about it..The timing,the organizing and everything in general..İ hope in the next visits of Turkey i'll come again????The guy Suleyman was very kind and helpful and a good guider,of course????İ hope that he gets what he wants for being a good person and company azure is perfect

Sapanca tour
Mohammed ahmed - 4.0/527 January 2017

Advantages :
- Timing
- Treating
- Tour Explanation

Negative things :
- Little options for lunch

Sugestions :
- Every tour leader has to have first aid certificate or such thing
- You may give us sone snacks for the road
- Childern meals has to be listed with the food options

The guide suleyman and azure company is perfect

Sapanca daily tour
Yahya Ebrahim Abdulhassan - 5.0/527 January 2017

Really it was very nice trip thanks to you been with us we are very happy and every time we will come with your company soliman and Azure Company

One of my best tours in Turkey
Ahmed Albalooshi - 5.0/527 January 2017

Sulaiman was the hero of the tour with Azure company

Matiam - 5.0/516 January 2017

Its very nice and beautiful. Our guide mr cuneyt was very informative we love him.
And also Azure is one of the best company. We felt like a royal

Reem - 5.0/516 January 2017

It was lovely trip with our guide cüneyt thank you so much. And also thanks to Azure company. We will definitelly recommend to our friends